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Archive for RAW Results

Raw Results – November 20, 2023

“Main Event” Jey Uso’s music hits, and McIntyre shouts that his ass belongs to him. Jey comes out to the stage and confidently makes his way down the ramp. Jey says McIntyre needs to let it go. McIntyre cost him the Tag Titles last week. They shouldn’t be talking anymore. Jey says it’s time for McIntyre to catch a beatdown… er, a “YEET-down.” The Judgment Day jumps up onto the ring apron behind McIntyre. McIntyre is waiting for Jey to get in the ring.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Sami Zayn, and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes come out to stand with Jey. Everyone gets in the ring, and Raw General Manager Adam Pearce runs out. They’re not doing this tonight because WarGames is on Saturday. Pearce says no one is fighting. Security runs down to keep the peace. Pearce has two pieces of business. McIntyre is a member of the Judgment Day’s WarGames Team. That means the other four need a fifth team member by the end of tonight. Second… by 9 o’clock he needs to know which member of each team will fight one-on-one in the WarGames Advantage Match. The clock is ticking. They’ll pick, or Pearce will pick for them. McIntyre sneers at Jey Uso and thinks about attacking, but he thinks better of it and walks off with the Judgment Day.

The Judgment Day’s Locker Room

Finn Bálor is discussing strategy with the Judgment Day. Off to the side, Damian Priest says to Rhea Ripley that adding Drew McIntyre to the team is good business, but as the leader of the team, she should have brought it up to him. Ripley agrees, but she says it all worked out. Priest asks if it really did. Ripley says they do need to be on the same page. Priest asks where McIntyre is. Ripley says he’ll be here soon. Priest says he should be the one in the WarGames advantage match. Ripley reminds him that he just said they need to discuss it together. They’ll wait until McIntyre gets there and discuss.

The Judgment Day’s Locker Room

Drew McIntyre saunters into the Judgment Day’s locker room and approaches Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. McIntyre says he heard Priest wants to be in the WarGames Advantage Match. Ripley says that is true and Priest is the leader of the team. McIntyre says he should be in the match. McIntyre says he wants to be clear that he doesn’t like anyone on the Judgment Day, but he despises Jey Uso. Priest says they don’t like him either and reminds McIntyre that he cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. They decide to cool the tensions. Priest says if McIntyre wants the match, he can have it. It’s time for him to prove his worth. Priest tells McIntyre to get them the advantage. McIntyre leans in and says, “Now that’s leadership!” McIntyre leaves. Priest tells Ripley that McIntyre better get them the advantage. She says he will.

The Judgment Day’s Locker Room

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio are walking backstage. Ripley is furious to see Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler in her locker room. Baszler says she’s seen enough of Ripley and walks off. Stark says Ripley is focused on so much, but she should be focused on her. Stark sarcastically compliments her on decorating the locker room with pictures and toys, but what really caught her eye was the Women’s World Championship. Stark says it will be coming home with her on Saturday. Ripley says most wouldn’t survive the stunt Stark just pulled, but she does respect her. Ripley says she’ll see her on Saturday at Survivor Series.

Backstage Segment

Drew McIntyre is walking backstage when the Judgment Day walks up to him. Damian Priest gets in his face. McIntyre says he doesn’t need their help. Priest says they weren’t offering. Rhea Ripley wishes him luck. McIntyre says he won’t just win the advantage. He’ll take Jey Uso out as well. McIntyre walks off. Priest says he better do it.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. He’ll face “Main Event” Jey Uso in a WarGames Advantage Match next.

Jey heads to the top rope, but McIntyre crotches him up there. McIntyre pulls him down and hits a Future Shock DDT. 1… 2… 3… The Judgment Day will have the advantage in WarGames

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley appears at ringside. Ripley tells McIntyre to finish Jey Uso off. McIntyre punches away at Jey and clears the commentary table. Jey fights back and punches McIntyre away. Jey grabs a chair, but Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, JD McDonagh, and Finn Balor take him out.

Cody Rhodes, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, and Sami Zayn run down with steel chairs. They lay in vicious shots to the spines of the Judgment Day. The Judgment Day quickly clears the ring. McIntyre wasn’t hit.

Rhodes says he’s so glad that Judgment Day has the advantage. They have a star the caliber of McIntyre with them. However, his team is not alone. They have a fifth member. It’s someone Rhodes has a Legacy with. The crowd roars. Rhodes says they’re looking at them like they’re prey, but with them is the Apex Predator. The people know who it is. The crowd is buzzing and chanting, “Randy!” Rhodes says they’re not just hearing voices in their head. The people are right.

The fifth member is Randy Orton, but he doesn’t appear, and they don’t actually say his name.

WWE Raw Results – October 30, 2023


Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring alongside NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh. Ripley welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw, the show that the Judgment Day runs. They have proved it every week. It’s not just a saying. They’ve taken care of every single Superstar that has stood in their way. Last week, Damian Priest absolutely shattered Cody Rhodes’s ankle. That’s just the beginning. Tonight, her “Dirty” Dom, her Latino Heat, is going to put down Ricochet and remind him not to disrespect the Judgment Day. Then we have JD McDonagh, who is going to remind Seth “Freakin” Rollins exactly what it feels like to be an enemy of the Judgment Day.

As for Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre, they’ve got some decisions to make. Whichever one decides to make the right deal with the Judgment Day will determine who is walking out of Crown Jewel as a loser like the rest of the people or the World Heavyweight Champion. Speaking of Crown Jewel, she’ll be stepping into the ring with four of the baddest women in WWE. For her, that’s just another opportunity to prove to everyone who is the most dominant woman in the WWE. She’ll prove why Mami is always on top.

Sami Zayn’s music hits to interrupt the Eradicator of the Judgment Day. A loud “Sami” chant picks up. Zayn says he knows he wasn’t invited out here, but he’s sick of hearing her talk about the power of the Judgment Day and how they have all the championships. He’s tired of hearing about how the Judgment Day runs Monday Night Raw. Zayn is going to tell her something about him as if they don’t know from fighting him for the last six months. Zayn’s entire career has seen him fight people who think like the Judgment Day and think all that matters is power. They think they can do whatever they want in the name of power. If that’s the name of their game, that’s fine. They need to understand that his game is rebellion and resistance. It doesn’t matter if he has to fight them all by himself, as long as there is a breath of air in his body, he will fight! Zayn is FIRED UP. Another “Sami” chant picks up. Zayn will fight the Judgment Day and everything they stand for until the Judgment Day is no more.

Ripley cackles into the microphone. She says it’s hilarious that he can resist all he wants… it doesn’t matter. They don’t need the numbers when it comes to him. If management says it’s okay, he can go one-on-one against Damian Priest. Mysterio starts to talk, but the crowd viciously boos him. Mysterio says they should teach Zayn a lesson right now.

The three square off against Zayn, but Ricochet runs down to help out. Ripley backs Mysterio and McDonagh off. The Judgment Day leaves the ring without incident. McDonagh charges Ricochet, but Ricochet easily sends him over the top rope. Mysterio goes for a cheap shot, but he falls to his rear end when Ricochet turns on him.

-Commercial Break-

Non-Title Match: NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio w/ Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and JD McDonagh vs. Ricochet

We join this match in progress to see Ricochet take Mysterio down with a handspring head-scissor takeover and a dropkick for a one-count. Ricochet punches away at Mysterio and chops the chest. Rhea Ripley shouts to Mysterio from ringside. Ricochet sends him into the ropes, but Mysterio holds on. Mysterio drops Ricochet on the apron and blocks a kick before pulling him crotch-first into the middle rope. Mysterio then kicks Ricochet off the apron to the floor.

Mysterio goes outside and drives Ricochet sternum-first into the commentary table. Mami is happy. Mysterio gets Ricochet in the ring and shoulders him in the corner. Mysterio whips Ricochet hard sternum-first into the turnbuckles. Mysterio stomps him down in the corner and taunts the crowd. Mysterio gets him to his feet and whips him hard into the opposite corner. Mysterio goes for another whip, but Ricochet twists to the apron before kicking him in the face. Ricochet comes off the ropes, but he lands on his feet when Mysterio moves. Ricochet hits a backflip dropkick and an enzuigiri. Ricochet follows up with a northern lights suplex before floating over into a suplex. Ricochet hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Mysterio rolls out of the ring to recover. Mysterio gets up, and Ricochet immediately wipes him out with a suicide dive!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Mysterio applying a rear chin lock to Ricochet. Ricochet fights up and elbows out. Mysterio quickly cuts him off with a kick to the midsection and starts up the Three Amigos. One amigo… two amigos… three amigos! Mysterio hits a catapult into the second rope and signals for a 619. Ricochet ducks a 619 and connects with a handspring back elbow.

Both men are down. Ricochet gets to his feet and punches away at Mysterio. Mysterio reverses a whip, but Ricochet catches him with a hurricanrana into the corner. Ricochet hits a running shoulder before heading to the top rope for a diving cross-body block. Ricochet follows up with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope for a near fall. Ricochet lifts Mysterio, but Mysterio rakes the eyes. Mysterio connects with a blockbuster and heads to the top rope. Mysterio lands on his feet when Ricochet moves. Ricochet then takes him down with a superkick. Ricochet pulls Mysterio into position and climbs to the top rope. Ripley gets on the apron to distract the referee. McDonagh goes for a cheap shot, but Ricochet jumps at him, landing on the apron. Mysterio pulls Ricochet into the ring with a roll-up and gets his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio

An irate Ricochet superkicks JD McDonagh out of the ring and hits Mysterio with the Recoil. Ricochet goes to the top rope, but Ripley pulls Mysterio out of the way. The Judgment Day heads up the ramp.

Backstage in The Judgment Day Locker Room

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Finn Bálor and Damian Priest are backstage. The New Day comes in dressed as the New Judgment Day. They’re not happy that Balor and Priest don’t have candy for them. They bump into Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh on the way out.

Bálor says he was happy Mysterio won his match, but what happened after was not good. Mysterio says that Ricochet will pay for what he did. Damian Priest says that never would have happened if the entire Judgment Day was out there. Ripley says they have other business to attend to. Priest says there is a lot going on this week. He’ll beat Cody Rhodes at WWE Crown Jewel. Then maybe he’ll cash in on Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, or even LA Knight. Still, they’re supposed to be equals, and he is not happy that she made a match for him against Sami Zayn. Ripley said she only did that because he is the Punishment of the Judgment Day. Priest says this night isn’t about him but rather the Judgment Day because they run this place.


Monday Night Raw Results – August 28, 2023

We go backstage to The Judgment Day. Finn Balor tells Damian Priest they need to get on the same page for their big shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles at Payback, they need to get it together. Priest agrees and says they need to focus on The Judgment Day, not outside people like JD McDonagh. Balor says JD is the only reason Priest won tonight, but then Priest left JD down in the ring. Priest says he only cares about the family. They argue and Priest is about to take Balor to take a hike, but WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley speaks up, telling them both to shut up. Rhea say the only people in The Judgment Day handling or caring about their business right now is she and WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. She says they always talk about being the most dominant, but they can’t stop arguing every week. She goes on about how this is making them look weak, so people like Raquel Rodriguez are coming for her. Rhea says they must make things right at Payback, and remind everyone how they are a force to be reckoned with and that they win when needed. Rhea says if they all don’t walk out of Payback with gold, then there will be some changes around here. Rhea and Dominik walk off as Priest and Balor face off. Priest raises his Money In the Bank briefcase and says something about having no problem winning gold.

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Ripley whispers something in Mysterio’s ear at ringside, then they enter the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton in the front row. The announcers hype the WWE Women’s World Title match for Payback. Ripley is in the ring now and she has a mic. Ripley dismisses the idea of Raquel Rodriguez cutting her down to size and says that is funny coming from someone who had to fake an injury just to get one over on her. Ripley says she’s not going to complain about that and blame Raquel, and she’s not going to stand here and go over all of her achievements because we’d be here all night, and the title around her waist says everything.

Ripley says Raquel thinks she will take the title at Payback but that’s just another reason why she’s just an idiot. Ripley says Raquel does have a lot going for her – she’s big, tough, strong, but she’s not Rhea Bloody Ripley. Fans pop. Ripley says Raquel can talk all she wants but when it comes to Payback, Mami is walking out as champion. Ripley says Raquel just doesn’t learn her lessons, you know? The music hits and out comes Raquel to a pop.

Raquel marches out and hits the ring as they go at it. Raquel launches Ripley into the corner, then unloads. Raquel sends Ripley into the opposite corner for a big splash, then hits a fall-away slam to send Ripley to the floor for a breather. Raquel turns around to Mysterio standing there as fans boo. She taunts Mysterio but Ripley attacks from behind. Raquel ends up blocking a Riptide in the middle of the ring, then she hits a hip toss and a big clothesline. Raquel yells out as a shocked and stunned Ripley stumbles to the floor with Mysterio to regroup. Ripley is furious now as she yells back at Raquel, who is taunting her from the ring. Mysterio yells a warning and says Raquel has really messed up now to end the segment.

Source: WrestlingHeadlines.com

Monday Night Raw Results – August 14, 2023

We go right to the ring and Samantha Irvin does introductions as The Judgment Day comes out – WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest. No Finn Balor. The announcers show us recent happenings with the group since SummerSlam.

Priest and Ripley acknowledge things have been off a bit as of late. Priest says they should have won last week and Finn should have won at SummerSlam. He says they are not breaking up, and Finn will dominate Cody Rhodes tonight, but Finn should be out here saying this himself. Ripley says something for Priest to calm down. Priest says the fans already know something isn’t right, and Finn should be here with them, so where is he? Priest asks Dominik to back him up. The music interrupts and out comes JD McDonagh.

JD doesn’t mean to interrupt or disrespect, but he’s here to bring a message from Finn – don’t worry about JD’s friendship with Finn, just focus on Cody and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn. JD says he took out Sami last week but somehow he’s cleared tonight, so they should focus on Cody. Rhea says they don’t take orders from just anyone, especially if you’re not in The Judgment Day. Dominik speaks but the boos drown him out. He says something about how JD can go to the back while they handle business. Rhea tells JD to take Finn a message – they need to talk. The music hits and out comes Zayn to a big pop.

Zayn rushes down and JD meets him at ringside for a brawl. JD ends up sending Sami’s injured elbow into the ring post but The Judgment Day watched and didn’t help JD with Sami. We go to commercial.

Backstage Segment
Finn Balor and Damian Priest are backstage having a few words. Rhea Ripley tells them to stop this, this is what people want, to see them crumble. She says something about people no longer fearing them and while they have gained success, they lost their killer instinct. JD McDonagh walks up and apologizes to Finn for earlier. Priest shouts at JD and says this is Judgment Day business. Finn says he will catch up with JD later. Balor agrees that it’s time to handle Judgment Day business and Cody Rhodes won’t know what hit him. Ripley says yes he will – The Judgment Day. They all get hyped up on the same page to end the segment.

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Indi Hartwell

We go back to the ring for this non-title match as WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley comes out with NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Ripley whispers in Dominik’s ear as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Drew McIntyre is walking backstage with Matt Riddle. Riddle thinks the GlasBros can win the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods interrupt. They have some friendly words and Kofi says they aren’t partners or friends, so why should they be eligible for a title shot? The New Day thinks the WWE tag team division has gone crazy, but he knows how to solve this – a match next week to see who deserves a title shot. Riddle and McIntyre accept. We go back to the ring and out comes Indi Hartwell with Candice LeRae.

The bell hits and Ripley unloads on Indi. Ripley beats Indi around and mounts her with strikes. Ripley launches Indi across the ring and hits her with big shoulder thrusts. Ripley keeps control until she runs into the ring post when Indi moves.

Dominik looks concerned as Indi mounts offense now. Indi with a big Spinebuster for a 2 count in the middle of the ring. They end up on the floor but Ripley sends Indi face-first into the ring post. Ripley taunts LeRae and drives Indi spine-first into the post. LeRae is hyping Indi up but Ripley drops her.

Ripley brings it back in but Indi quickly rolls her up. This just angers Ripley as she rocks Indi and hits a Riptide for the pin to win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays but LeRae immediately attacks her into the corner. Indi joins her and they double team Ripley to send her packing. Ripley re-groups at ringside with Dominik as Indi and Candice look on.

Cody Rhodes vs. Finn Balor

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes Cody Rhodes to a pop and pyro. Cody poses as bigger pyro goes off, then he marches to the ring while greeting fans at ringside and gifting his weight belt to a young fan. Cody hits the ring and poses in the corners to more pyro. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rhodes looks on as Finn Balor makes his way to the ring by himself. The bell rings and they go at it, tangling against the ropes and off to the middle of the ring for a face-off. They lock up again and Balor applies a headlock. They break and Balor drops Cody for a quick 1 count.

Balor works on Cody’s arm now as fans rally. Cody reverses and ties up Finn”s arm now. Cody with a long vertical suplex, then a headlock. They run the ropes and Cody catches Finn on his shoulders. Finn rakes the eyes but the referee misses it. Finn tries to toss Cody out but he pulls himself back in and keeps the fight going. Balor with another quick pin attempt. More back and forth now until Balor hits a basement dropkick.

Balor unloads in the corner now, then chops Cody into another corner. Balor with shoulder thrusts. Cody fights to turn it around but Balor drops him and nails another dropkick but Cody hangs in there. Fans chant “let’s go Cody!” but Balor grounds him with another headlock. Balor with a knee to the gut and more offense. Cody with a knee to the ribs of his own. Cody with more offense now but Balor blocks a Figure Four attempt by kicking Cody to the floor.

NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio runs down with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley right behind him. Dominik goes to attack Cody at ringside but Cody decks him. Cody goes for a suplex on the floor to Dominik but Balor nails a baseball slide from the ring, knocking Cody back down. Balor sits on the edge of the apron and he’s all smiles as he checks on Dominik. Ripley joins them and the trio poses together as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Balor is stomping away to keep Cody down. Fans boo Ripley and Mysterio at ringside. Cody fights out of a headlock now but Balor knees him. Balor runs into a big boot in the corner. Cody mounts offense with big punches but Balor kicks him before he hits the drop-down right hand. Cody comes right back and hits a powerslam, then catches him with a Disaster Kick for a close 2 count.

Cody rallies now as Damian Priest walks down to boos, carrying his Money In the Bank briefcase. Balor looks to mount offense but Cody kicks him. Balor with a Slingblade. Cody with another kick. They tangle and Balor kicks out again. Balor with the corner dropkick on Cody now.

Finn goes for Coup de Grace but Cody moves. Cody ends up hitting the Cody Cutter for a big pop. Balor stumbles around as Priest grabs Cody from the floor. Finn charges but Cody sends him to the floor with Priest. Cody then runs the ring and leaps out with a big dive, taking Priest and Balor down for a big pop.

Cody rolls Balor back in. Rhea hits the apron now as Cody goes up top, allowing Dominik to crotch him. Finn climbs up for a big superplex but Cody kicks out just in time. The referee checks on Cody now.

Dominik slides a steel chair to Finn but the referee catches him, then ejects him. Rhea jumps back on the apron to argue with the referee. Priest then slides his Money In the Bank briefcase to Balor but it goes right through his legs. Cody intercepts the briefcase and decks Balor with it. Cody then drops Balor with a CrossRhodes for the pin to win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, the music hits as Cody stands tall but Dominik attacks him. Cody takes Dominik to the corner but Dominik fights back, then Priest joins in and they double team Cody. The music hits and out comes Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn to a pop. Sami runs down with a steel chair, and takes Priest down on the ramp. Sami rushes into the ring and Dominik attacks but Sami drops him with a chair shot. Sami with a chair shot to Finn to send him to his knee. Priest runs back in but Sami sends him to his knees also, with a chair shot. JD McDonagh suddenly attacks and drops Sami from behind to make the save. Balor and Priest double team stomp Sami now as JD watches. Dominik joins them and Ripley cheers them on. Priest with a South of Heaven chokeslam. They drag Cody to the corner and Balor goes up top for a Coup de Grace. They toss Sami to the floor, then Dominik drops him while Ripley helps keep him there. Balor runs and leaps off the steel ring steps to hit a big Coup de Grace on Sami while he’s down on the floor. They take the top off the announce table now as fans boo. Balor sends Sami right into a big Razor’s Edge from Priest, which puts Sami through the announce table. The boos get louder now. Sami is down clutching his hurt elbow as a referee checks on him. Balor is in the ring now, hitting another Coup de Grace on Rhodes for big heat from the crowd. Balor hits the move and sits up on Cody, posing and flexing while all smiles. Ripley, Mysterio and Priest enter the ring now. Priest and Balor hug as The Judgment Day stands tall while their music starts up. We go to replays. The Judgment Day huddles up in the ring to boos while Cody is still down, and an official is checking on Sami at ringside. JD looks on from ringside with a smile as The Judgment Day continues their celebration. Priest hits the corner to pose with his briefcase while Balor, Mysterio and Ripley also pose as RAW goes off the air.

Source: Wrestling Headlines


Monday Night Raw Results – August 7, 2023

Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins & The Judgment Day Kick Off The Show

Cole mentions that he and Wade Barrett are the commentators for the first hour of the show. The two talk about SummerSlam being a record-breaking event on a number of business levels. We then hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Cody Rhodes.

“The American Nightmare” emerges as the fans sing along with his theme song. Samantha Irvin introduces him and he finishes his walk to the ring in a suit as Cole talks about his impressive victory over Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

His music dies down and the fans immediately break out into loud “Cody! Cody!” chants. He soaks in the love and begins, as always, by saying, “So, Minneapolis, what do you want to talk about?” He says let’s talk about one of your own.

He goes on to talk about the University of Minnesota’s own, Brock Lesnar. He talks about having the honor, privelage and misery of standing across from Lesnar. He then says he couldn’t imagine what would happen after their third bout. He asks us to take a look and shows the handshake and moment of respect they shared after the bout.

Cody mentions talking to his mother about the shock of the moment he had with Brock. He says his mother told him, “Dummy, don’t you realize what just happened? Brock Lesnar just acknowledged you!” He says after SummerSlam he feels like he can beat anybody in the world.

“BURN IT DOWN!” is the next thing we hear and out comes Seth “Freakin’” Rollins to the other theme song WWE fans like to sing along with. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion emerges dressed to the nines as always. This time he’s wearing big yellow boots instead of big red ones.

After his music stops, he stands a couple of feet away from Rhodes and soaks in the “woah-oh’s” from the WWE Universe. He then welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins. Cody smiles. Rollins says last time he came out to talk about the future of the title, Rhodes was the first person to come out and get in his face. He says consider this returning the favor.

Seth mentions Cody saying he feels like he can beat anyone in the world. He says why don’t we put that feeling to the test. Before Cody can respond, the theme for The Judgment Day hits and out comes Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley. Finn Balor is noticeably absent. Priest tells Cody and Seth they are confused. He says they think they run Monday Night Raw.

Rhea Ripley says they don’t. She says The Judgment Day does. Priest says they think they control what happens with titles, and they don’t. He says they do. More specifically, “Senor” Money In The Bank does. He then points out how they’ve got the best women’s champion on the planet, and the NXT North American Champion. He says Dom is gonna be defending his title on NXT tomorrow. He asks what they’re gonna be doing.

Dom goes to speak and the fans loudly crap all over him, as always. Finn Balor appears out of nowhere from behind and attacks Rollins. Priest and Dom attack Cody. Sami Zayn’s theme hits and out comes one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag-Team Champions to even things up a bit. He helps Cody and Seth beat down The Judgment Day and run them off.

Cody grabs a mic and says he’s got a solution for all of this. He says there’s three of them and three of us. How about tonight in Minneapolis we have a six man tag-team match. The fans pop.

Finn Balor & Damian Priest Have Words, JD McDonagh Approaches

We shoot backstage and we see Damian Priest approach Finn Balor and ask him about what happened at SummerSlam and what happened earlier tonight with him not coming out with them and attacking Seth Rollins without giving them a head’s up.

They get more and more heated until Rhea Ripley comes in and calms the situation down. JD McDonagh approaches and says it may not be his place, but he says the briefcase seems to be coming between them. Priest wants to confront McDonagh but Ripley stops him.

Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Judgment Day

It’s main event time!

After a quick backstage interview with The New Day, who talk about wanting to inject positivity back into WWE, we head to the ring for out final match of the evening.

On that note, The Judgment Day theme hits and out comes the most dangerous faction on Raw. They make their way to the ring and then a big brawl breaks out between Rhea Ripley, Raquel Rodriguez and Candice LeRae.

We head to a pre-match commercial break on that note. When we return, Michael Cole and Wade Barrett are shown on camera talking about order being restored after the women’s brawl that just broke out.

Now a video package is shown of the Asuka vs. Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair triple-threat women’s title bout at SummerSlam, which ended with Iyo Sky cashing in her Money In The Bank briefcase to walk away with the title.

Back live, Cody Rhodes’ theme hits and out comes “The American Nightmare” to a huge pop, and fans singing along with his entrance tune. He settles into the ring and his music dies down.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme hits for the third time tonight (first for his ring walk, second when he won earlier against Bronson Reed). “The King of Strong Style” settles inside the squared circle as Michael Cole promotes the ticket on-sale date for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA.

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of Seth “Freakin’” Rollins theme song. Out comes the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion as fans sing along with the “Woah-oh’s” in his theme.

The music dies down but the fans singing the “woah-oh’s” continues as always. The commentators talk about the issues both teams have, with Finn Balor and Damian Priest not seeing eye-to-eye on one side of the ring, and Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes not seeing eye-to-eye on the other side.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with our final match of the evening. Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor kick things off for their respective teams. Priest tags himself in before Balor can do anything. Priest and Balor argue and while they do, Dominik Mysterio tags himself in.

Now Dom and Nakamura get after it, with the Japanese legend jumping into the early offensive lead. Priest pulls Dom out of the ring to save him after the initial exchanges don’t go his way. On that note, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see Priest and Balor working together, as they double-team Nakamura, who has been kept isolated in the ring from the jump. The fans try and clap and cheer to rally behind “The King of Strong Style” as Priest works him over.

Seth “Freakin’” Rollins finally gets the hot tag. He hits the ring like a bat out of hell and starts shifting the offensive momentum into his team’s favor. This doesn’t last for long, as Priest and Balor end up double-teaming him and taking the fight out to the floor.

As Balor continues to work him over, we head to another mid-match commercial break as our main event of the evening here on the post-SummerSlam episode of Monday Night Raw continues in Minneapolis. We return from the break to Rollins still getting beat down. Cody finally gets the hot tag.

Cody comes into the ring like a man possessed. He begins hitting some of his trademark spots, such as a Cody Cutter and a Disaster Kick, but his pin attempt is broken up. Other members of the team hit the ring but Cody handles them. As Cody is working over Balor, we see Rhea Ripley distract the official.

During the distraction, Priest gets in some cheap shots until Sami Zayn runs down to fight him off. Rollins hits Balor with the Money In The Bank briefcase and then Cody connects with his Cross-Rhodes finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins & Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura Attacks Seth Rollins

After the match, Cody and Seth have words off-mic until Sami Zayn plays peacemaker again. Seth then shakes Cody’s hands and the two pose on the ropes in the corner as the crowd cheers.

Out of nowhere, Shinsuke Nakamura decks Rollins with a Kinshasa. Cody looks shocked as he watches Nakamura walk off. Sami Zayn checks on Seth. Cody joins him and that’s how this week’s show goes off the air.



Monday Night Raw Results – July 24, 2023

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up live on the USA Network, from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Samantha Irvin introduces The Judgment Day and they are already in the ring – Finn Balor, Damian Priest, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Priest calls on everyone to rise for The Judgment Day. Ripley goes on about how they run the main shows but they also run WWE NXT now. Balor hypes up each member and shows us a video on the man of the hour. We see how Dominik Mysterio won the NXT North American Title from Wes Lee last Tuesday.

We come back from the video and fans are already booing. Ripley says it is her honor to introduce the hottest man she knows. The music hits and out comes Dominik to loud heat. Kevin Patrick welcomes us to RAW and he’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. The boos get louder as Dominik raises the title and declares himself to be the new NXT North American Champion. To celebrate his win, he shows us a brief video hyping himself up. Fans chant “you suck!” now. Dominik says he is your new NXT North American Champion but the music interrupts and out come the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions – Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Fans pop big for Owens and Zayn as they speak from the stage. Owens says it feels like we did this last week. The Judgment Day came to the ring and tried to talk tough, no one believed the one with the mullet. Owens hates when no one learns a lesson, and The Judgment Day didn’t learn last week. Owens rips into Dominik about how no one will ever care what he says and if he wants to help the business, just shut up. Fans pop. Dominik says he’s a champion now and will not be disrespected. Sami goes on and proposes a match with Dominik tonight. Dominik tells him to come get some. Sami brings up how The Judgment Day got them to defend their titles last week, so Dominik should do the same tonight with his title. Ripley accepts the challenge for Dominik as The Judgment Day’s music starts back up to end the segment.

NXT North American Title Match: Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn vs. Dominik Mysterio (c)

We go back to the ring and out come the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions – Sami Zayn with Kevin Owens. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Judgment Day – NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio with Damian Priest and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. The bell rings and Zayn attacks as they briefly go back & forth.

Sami unloads and takes control. Sami clotheslines Dominik over the top rope to the floor, then nails a big running dive to keep Dominik down at ringside as Ripley and Priest look on. Fans pop for Sami as Ripley tells them to shut up. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sami unloads in the corner, then mounts Dominik with punches as fans count along. We see how Ripley nailed Sami with a cheap shot during the break.


Sami keeps control but the feed briefly skips as it looks like Priest nails a cheap shot from the apron while Ripley has the referee distracted. Owens then lands a shot of his own it looks like, knocking Priest to the floor. The referee only sees Owens, then ejects him to the back as fans boo. Ripley and Priest laugh but the referee then ejects them to the back.

After the confusion, Sami follows right up with a Michinoku Driver but Dominik kicks out at 2. Dominik avoids a Helluva Kick and dropkicks Sami into the corner. Dominik charges but Sami turns him inside out with a lariat for 2. Sami goes up top but Dominik cuts him off, then climbs up. They fight but Sami headbutts Dominik to the mat.

Sami flies but Dominik dropkicks him in mid-air for a close 2 count. Dominik pounds on Sami now and talks some trash to boos. Dominik launches himself in from the apron with the senton, then hits another dropkick. They tangle and Dominik avoids a Blue Thunderbomb. Sami dodges 619, then nails the Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count.

Sami can’t believe it. Dominik comes back and stomps away. Dominik dropkicks Sami into the ropes again, and this time nails 619. Sami kicks out at 2 and Dominik is shocked. Fans rally for Sami as Dominik unloads with punches and taunts him. Sami fights back but Dominik kicks him and hits the Three Amigos to boos. Dominik goes up top for the Frogsplash but Sami gets his knees up.

Sami catches Dominik with the Exploder suplex into the corner. Sami is preparing for the Helluva Kick but he’s distracted by Priest and Ripley coming out with Owens, and dumping him on the stage. Dominik takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Sami up for the pin to win and retain.


Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the bell, Priest and Ripley go right back to the back as Sami, Adam Pearce and a medic tend to Owens on the stage. Dominik takes his title and quickly retreats through the crowd to boos as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and The Judgment Day is walking backstage with Dominik Mysterio bragging about his win. Apollo Crews is talking to Akira Tozawa when The Judgment Day bumps into them and accuses them of disrespect. They intimidate Tozawa into running away. Crews and Priest have words and a match is made for later. The Judgment Day walks off and Tozawa comes back to tell Crews he’s got this. We go back to the ring and out comes Tommaso Ciampa. We see recent events that led to this match.

We see how Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles last week. Liv Morgan is backstage with Byron Saxton now. She confirms Raquel Rodriguez suffered a serious knee injury in the attack by Rhea Ripley last week, but says Raquel is a big girl and will be back soon to take out Ripley. Liv then has words for Ripley ahead of their match tonight, saying she will not back down. Liv heads out. Green and Deville show up now, knocking Saxton for interviewing Morgan instead of them. Ripley shows up and they hurry off. Ripley says she warned Morgan and Rodriguez to stay out of her business, but they didn’t listen, so she took Raquel out, and Liv is next. Ripley asks Saxton if he sees a pattern forming. Ripley walks off as we go back to commercial.

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan

We go back to the ring and out comes Liv Morgan for this non-title match. Liv is suddenly blindsided at ringside by WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Ripley launches Morgan into the barriers and continues to destroy her at ringside. Ripley rolls Liv in and follows with a steel chair, then decks her. Ripley holds Liv’s arm down, making her scream out. Ripley talks trash and smashes the arm with a chair. Liv cries out.

Ripley tells Liv to get out of her business, she warned her. Liv is crying as officials tend to her. Ripley attacks again, wraps the chair around the arm and then stomps it. Ripley yells about how this is her division as the boos continue. Ripley makes her exit with the title in the air, still talking trash while Liv is being tended to. We go back to commercial.

We go back to the ring and out comes Finn Balor for the SummerSlam contract signing to make the WWE World Heavyweight Title match official. Balor slowly marches to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Balor is at the table for a contract signing. He says Adam Pearce was supposed to oversee this signing, but he has his hands full with all the chaos tonight. Fans start singing already. Balor says he and his opponent are both professionals, and they both want this match, so he thinks they can handle this like gentlemen. Balor calls Seth Rollins out so they can sign this contract and make the SummerSlam match official.

The music hits and out comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion to a big pop. Fans are singing his song. Rollins enters the ring, signs the contract and pushes it to Balor. Rollins sits back and puts his feet up on the table. Rollins goes on about how Balor has no chance at beating him for the title. Rollins says if somehow Balor pulls it off, then his title reign will be even shorter than his Universal Title reign because his boy Damian Priest will cash in on him. Rollins says Balor knows this is true because he’d do the same to Priest.

Rollins says SummerSlam will not be a coronation of The Judgment Day, it will be the end of The Judgment Day. Balor signs the contract. Balor goes on about how Rollins thinks he’s so smart with everything figured out… Rollins thinks he runs the place but he doesn’t, The Judgment Day does. Damian Priest is seen coming through the crowd, while NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio comes through another part of the crowd. WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley comes walking down the ramp as fans boo.


Balor says he’s been losing for 7 years and it’s driving him slowly insane, and this is all because of you, Seth. Balor asks Rollins if he knows what insanity feels like. The other members of The Judgment Day hit the apron now. Fans begin singing for Rollins. Balor says this insanity is like a 7 year itch, so he’s going to make Rollins his 7 year bitch. Rollins suddenly tosses the title at Balor, then tips over the table to knock Priest off the apron. Rollins fights off Balor and Dominik, but turns around to a Money In the Bank briefcase shot from Priest. Fans boo.

The music hits and out comes Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn with a steel chair. Sami hits the ring and ducks a briefcase shot from Priest, then unloads on Dominik and Priest. Ripley grabs the chair from Sami as he goes to swing it, allowing Balor to tackle Sami from behind. Balor works Sami over now to boos. Officials rush down to try and restore order but Ripley and Dominik start tossing furniture out at them. Priest with a South of Heaven chokeslam to Sami. They toss Sami to the floor, then bury him under furniture at ringside.

Balor stalks Rollins in the ring now. Rollins is on his knees as The Judgment Day corners him. Rollins attacks first but they beat him down. Priest with a big Razor’s Edge to Rollins in the middle of the ring. Dominik goes up top and nails a Frogsplash on Rollins. Balor then goes up top and hits a Coup de Grace on Rollins as the boos get louder. Balor raises the title over Rollins, then drops it onto him while talking trash. The Judgment Day stands tall in the middle of the ring while Rollins is laid out. RAW goes off the air.


Monday Night RAW Results – July 3, 2023

Back from the break and we see what just happened with Rhodes and Lesnar. Rollins is still in the ring now. He says that was a crazy way to start the show and them boys must have unfinished business, but Rollins is looking forward to his own business. The music interrupts and out comes The Judgment Day – WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest with his Money In the Bank briefcase.

Ripley takes the mic and says we’ve heard enough about Rollins, we all know everyone is here to see The Judgment Day. Rollins points to how the group isn’t even complete as Finn Balor isn’t here. Rollins says Balor won’t be able to do one of his sneak attacks tonight. Ripley says Finn is fine but Rollins shouldn’t worry what he’s doing. They enter the ring and Priest warns that Rollins should worry about his Money In the Bank briefcase, not The Judgment Day’s business. Priest teases a cash-in at SummerSlam, maybe Survivor Series or Royal Rumble, or maybe after he beats Shinsuke Nakamura tonight.

Rollins says to cash in, Priest has to have the champ down and Rollins is feeling fresh, he has no match tonight and was planning to go party with Baltimore. Priest says before fans sing, he will make Rollins useless… don’t you like to fight? Priest goes on and says someone next to him will beat Rollins tonight. Ripley says she’s already defending against Natalya but Dom Dom is looking for a fight. Fans respond with huge boos. Dom goes to speak but the boos drown him out.

Rollins tells Dominik to try again. The boos shut him down. Rollins laughs and we get a “you suck!” chant. Ripley says Dirty Dom wants to fight Rollins tonight. Rollins says he’s a Money In the Bank expert and this sounds like a poor attempt at a trap but he wants nothing more than to slap the mustache off Dominik’s face, so he’s going to let fans decide. Rollins asks if fans want to see Sexy Seth beat the brakes off Dirty Dom, and they do. Rollins says Dominik now has his answer, he will see you punks later. Rollins exits the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Damian Priest

The camera cuts backstage and we see Shinsuke Nakamura making his way out. Damian Priest warms up in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Nakamura to a big pop as WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio watch from ringside. The bell rings and they lock up, trading holds and working on each other’s arms.

Priest backs Nakamura into the ropes, then backs off and nails a cheap shot to boos. Nakamura fights back with strikes and drops Priest. Nakamura with knee strikes. Nakamura with kicks but Priest catches one and levels him for a 2 count.

Priest beat Nakamura down in the corner and stomps away. Priest with a corner splash. More back and forth now. Priest misses a splash and hits the top turnbuckle. Nakamura turns it back around and places Priest over the top rope, then hits the running high knee. Nakamura with more offense as Priest goes to the floor for a breather.

Nakamura follows and keeps control. Nakamura goes for a suplex on the floor but Priest counters and launches him onto the barrier. Priest stands tall as ringside as we go to commercial.


Back from the break and they’re both down. Nakamura gets up first and unloads. Nakamura with the sliding German suplex. Nakamura taunts Ripley at ringside, then goes back in with a big kick for a close 2 count.

Nakamura goes up top for a flying kick but Priest rocks him in mid-air. Fans chant “Nakamura!” as Priest looks to finish him but Nakamura counters with a roll-up for 2. Nakamura goes into the arm bar but Priest fights it off. Priest with a submission from his feet but Nakamura kicks him away. Priest comes right back with a kick to the head for 2. Nakamura escapes the the Razor’s Edge and rolls Priest up for 2. Nakamura blocks the South of Heaven chokeslam with a kick for a 2 count.

Nakamura goes up top and nails a flying kick. Priest ducks the Kinshasa and ends up leveling Nakamura with a big strike. Priest follows up with the South of Heaven chokeslam in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Damian Priest

After the match, Priest stands tall with his briefcase in the air as Mysterio and Ripley join him to celebrate. We go to replays. The Judgment Day exits the ring now.

WWE Women’s World Title Match: Natalya vs. Rhea Ripley (c)

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley by herself. Natalya suddenly attacks from behind and destroys Ripley, sending her into the barriers, then the steel ring steps. Natalya brings it into the ring and keeps control as the referee tells her to stay back. The official checks on Ripley and she says she’s good to go as the bell rings.

Natalya beats Ripley down in the corner. Ripley gets up but Natalya lands a takedown. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter but she gets dropped. Ripley goes to the floor to regroup.


Natalya runs around the ring to attack but Ripley ducks and rocks her. Ripley slams Natalya’s face into the announce table over and over while talking trash. Natalya is now cut on her eyebrow. Ripley brings it back in but Natalya nails a German suplex, then pounds on the champ.

Ripley slides out of a slam and decks Natalya from behind. Ripley controls now while taunting Natalya. Ripley with more forearms to the lower back to keep control. Natalya fights back and takes it to the corner but Ripley drops her out of nowhere with a big headbutt while wrapping her legs around Natalya’s waist from the corner. Natalya kicks out at 2.

Ripley continues to dominate to mixed reactions. Ripley with a running kick to the ribs, then a thrust kick to the chest. Natalya fights back but Ripley drops her. Ripley takes Natalya to the top and punches away. Ripley climbs up for a superplex but Natalya knocks her to the mat. Natalya flies with a crossbody and they both go down.

The referee checks them out as fans rally now and they try to get back up. They trade punches now. Ripley drops Natalya and hits a big kick for a 2 count. Ripley argues the count with the referee as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ripley kicks the Sharpshooter away. Natalya approaches but Ripley nails a big kick to the head. Fans chant for Natalya. She blocks a powerbomb and nails a hurricanrana.


Natalya with a discus lariat for a 2 count. Ripley blocks the Sharpshooter again. Natalya sends Ripley into the corner but she runs into boots. Ripley goes up and nails a missile dropkick for a close 2 count. Ripley can’t believe it and has words with the official. They get back up but Ripley nails a kick, then applies the Prism Lock in the middle of the ring. Natalya finally breaks it and sends Ripley into the corner. Ripley blocks another Sharpshooter attempt and sends Natalya into the turnbuckles.

Ripley keeps control and goes to the top, dedicating the move to Dominik Mysterio. Ripley climbs up and does the Latin Heat taunt to boos. Ripley flies with the Frogsplash but Natalya gets her boots up. Natalya sends Ripley into the ring post now, then hits a running powerslam as fans cheer her on. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter from the middle of the ring. We see Ripley bleeding in her mouth now. Natalya tightens the hold as Ripley resists. Ripley drags them to the bottom rope and finally breaks the hold. Natalya uses the five count.

Ripley goes to the floor for a breather. Natalya baseball slides out but Ripley side-steps and takes control. Ripley brings it back in for a kick and a headbutt, then the Riptide slam for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After she match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits. Ripley immediately attacks Natalya while she’s still down. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez run down to make the save as Ripley exits the ring. Ripley takes her title at ringside and flashes a bloody smile. Liv and Raquel check on Natalya as Ripley backs up the aisle.

Back from the break and IYO SKY is backstage with her Money In the Bank briefcase when WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley walks up. SKY holds the briefcase up and says something in Japanese. Ripley says try me, it will be the worst mistake of your life. SKY walks off. Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest walk up. Ripley vents about what Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez did. She says if they get in her business again they will regret it.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes The Judgment Day – Dominik Mysterio with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest, who is carrying his Money In the Bank briefcase. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Matt Riddle is backstage with Drew McIntyre. Riddle thanks McIntyre for having his back out there because Imperium was beating him up for weeks. Drew says not anymore. Byron Saxton shows up and asks about what has happened. McIntyre declares that he is back, and fans pop in the arena. Riddle suggests they team up to take out Imperium. McIntyre says that sounds great, but that’s next week… how about we go out to party in Baltimore tonight? Riddle likes that idea and says they’re going to Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, a popular place for wrestlers and owned by fans. We go back to the ring and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins as fans begin loudly singing. Rollins has the Kinesio tape on his ribs.


The bell rings and they go to lock up but Rollins ducks Dominik and jumps up to the corner to play to the crowd as they sing. They go at it and Rollins applies a headlock to a “Dom you suck!” chant, which Ripley doesn’t like.

Dominik with a headlock on Rollins now. They run the ropes until Rollins decks Dominik. Rollins with body shots, then he tosses Dominik to the floor. Rollins goes to run the ring for a suicide dive but Ripley jumps up on the apron and he’s forced to put the brakes on. Dominik tries to take advantage of the distraction and attack from behind but Rollins launches him high in the air, over the top rope to the floor, right at the feet of Ripley and Priest.

Fans pop as Dominik lands hard. Rollins runs back into the ring and poses to more singing. Ripley tends to Dominik and helps him regroup as we go back to commercial.

The action continues after the break. Rollins with a suplex, and another, then he yells at Ripley before hitting the third for a pop. Rollins goes up top but Ripley jumps on the apron to distract the referee, allowing Priest to jump up and shove Rollins to the mat.

Dominik goes up for a Frogsplash with an awkward landing and no pin. Dominik stomps away on Rollins now. Fans chant “Dom you suck!” as Dominik drags Rollins over to the opposite corner and hits another Frogsplash, but still no pin attempt. Dominik stomps some more to boos as Ripley and Priest cheer Dominik on. Dominik goes up top for a third Frogsplash but Rollins puts his knees up.


Rollins gets up with kicks and strikes, then a discus clothesline. Rollins with more offense into the corner, then a backbreaker and a running knee in front of Ripley and Priest. Fans begin singing again as Rollins encourages them. Dominik blocks a Pedigree. Rollins knocks Priest off the apron. Rollins and Dominik tangle now, and Dominik is sent to the floor.

Rollins with a dive to Priest and Dominik on the floor for a big pop. Rollins brings it back in and hits the rolling elbow, then a shot to the back of the head. Rollins prepares for the Stomp on Dominik but Priest runs in and intercepts Rollins with a big South of Heaven chokeslam for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

After the bell, Priest unloads as Ripley grabs his Money In the Bank briefcase. Priest tosses Rollins to the floor, then sends him into the ring steps. Priest destroys Rollins at ringside now, focusing on the ribs, then sends him face-first into the edge of the announce table, then the barrier. Priest smashes Rollins into the table with a big Flatliner. Priest takes apart the table to mixed reactions, then he goes for the Razor’s Edge but Rollins escapes and nails a superkick. Dominik drops Rollins from behind with a briefcase shot, then sends him into the steps. Fans chant “Dom you suck!” as Priest looks to cash in his title shot. Dom tells Priest, no not now… don’t do it! It sounds like Ripley may be encouraging him. Priest goes in but Finn Balor hits the ring from out of nowhere and takes Rollins out. Balor goes up top for a Coup de Grace but Priest yells at him from the apron, asking what is he doing. Balor comes down and they have words now, yelling at each other. Dominik gets in between them and tries to calm things. Rollins takes out Dominik to the floor, then lays him out with a Pedigree at ringside. Rollins heads up the aisle as his music hits and he holds the title in the air. The Judgment Day regroups at ringside as Ripley sits down and cradles Dominik. Balor yells at Priest and says he’d be champion if it weren’t for Priest, and Priest says he’d be champion if it weren’t for Balor. Rollins looks on as the post-Money In the Bank edition of WWE RAW goes off the air.


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Monday Night Raw Results – June 5, 2023

Back from the break and The Miz out for another must see edition of MizTV. He says he knew he had to get a very special guest for tonight when he heard of the main event. Miz introduces Cody Rhodes and out he comes to a big pop and pyro times three. Cody hits the corners to pose as fans continue cheering.

The music stops and a huge “Cody!” chant starts up. Miz says Cody looks dashing tonight. Miz brings up how Cody challenged Brock Lesnar last week, asking if that’s kind of stupid considering the broken arm and how Night of Champions went. Cody says “Mike” and Miz says in this ring he’s Miz, nothing else. Fans chant “Mike!” now. Cody says some have said his challenge took balls, which Miz knows a tiny bit about. A “tiny balls!” chant tries to start. Cody says Lesnar is on his annual hibernation so we won’t be seeing him. Miz says we like drama on MizTV so he has a surprise for Cody tonight. Miz introduces who he says is the hottest WWE Superstar right now. The music hits and out comes Dominik Mysterio with SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley to boos.

Fans chant “you suck!” as they enter the ring. Miz speaks but Ripley hushes him and says Dominik has something to say. The boos get louder now. Miz yells at the fans to show some respect. Cody chimes in for a laugh. Ripley yells at them to let her Latino Heat speak. Dom goes on and says to someone who has been in prison and done hard time like him, Cody is just a little birdie with a broken wing.

Dominik says he realized Cody is also a bad dad like his own father because he’s not at home with his baby. Cody takes shots at how Dominik was whipped by his dad at WrestleMania 39. Cody has immense respect for 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio but also knows he makes mistakes… like Dominik.

Dominik and Ripley turn to leave now as Cody also turns his back. Cody turns back around to a big slap by Dominik. He goes for Dominik but Ripley gets in the way, and they taunt Cody. They exit the ring, still taunting Cody, as we get replays. Dominik and Ripley back up the ramp, smiling and taunting Cody. Cody then turns and drops Miz with a cast shot. Cody’s music starts back up as Dominik and Ripley look on.

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Monday Night Raw Results – May 29, 2023

We’re now live from the MVP Arena as new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins comes through the crowd to a big pop. Kevin Patrick welcomes us to RAW and he’s joined by Corey Graves. Rollins struts in the streamers on his way to the ring.

Rollins yells for Albany and welcomes them to Monday Night Rollins. A “you deserve it!” chant interrupts next and Rollins takes it all in. Rollins talks about all the highs & lows to this title but says it just feels right. He says finally RAW has a champion who wants to be here, who is ready to fight. A “thank you Seth!” chant starts up. Rollins goes and gets the crowd to sing one more time. The music interrupts and out comes AJ Styles to a big pop.

AJ says Rollins doesn’t deserve it…. he earned the right to be champion. Rollins says AJ earned this… thy shake hands in a show of respect until The Judgment Day comes out laughing and mocking at them. This makes Damian Priest sick and Finn Balor agrees.

Balor and Priest go on about how The Judgment Day runs RAW. The two sides agree on Styles and Rollins vs. two members of The Judgment Day for later tonight.

We see how SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley dominated Natalya at WWE Night of Champions. Byron Saxton stops The Judgement Day backstage now as Rhea and Dominik Mysterio talk about what happened with Natalya. Saxton says everyone wants to know who of the group will face Seth Rollins and AJ Styles tonight. Balor says if he told Byron, he would have to… Priest says they have things to do, so Saxton should get lost and go do his job elsewhere. Back to commercial.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and AJ Styles vs. The Judgement Day

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes AJ Styles to a pop. Out next comes new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to a pop as Samantha Irvin does the introductions. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Judgment Day – Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio with Finn Balor and SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. It looks like Mysterio is working the match with Priest but he’s just there as Balor attacks from behind to unload and get going.

Rollins ends up going for Dominik at ringside but Ripley puts her arm on him and screams him away. Priest unloads on Rollins now. Priest with a big kick for 2. Priest with a headlock to Rollins now. Rollins gets an opening and in comes AJ. AJ unloads on Balor with signature offense. AJ is double teamed but Rollins makes the save. Rollins with a Slingblade.

More back and forth now. AJ is pulled off the apron so he’s about to take Dominik out but Priest rushes over and launches AJ over the announce table. Priest is all smiles as he poses and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest dominates AJ. Rollins saves AJ from a cheap shot by Rhea and Dom. Rhea yells at Rollins and the referee ejects her. Rollins finally gets a hot tag and goes at it with Priest. Rollins unloads with signature offense for 2.

Fans sing for Rollins now. They go at it and trade counters. Balor with a lariat for 2. Priest tags in and knocks AJ off the apron. Rollins blocks the South of Heaven chokeslam but Priest levels him with a lariat for 2. Priest goes up top but Rollins runs up with a superplex. Priest blocks the Falcon Arrow with a Broken Arrow of his own.

Balor comes in and charges but ends up laid out with Rollins as fans sing. Priest and AJ go at it. AJ with a pele kick. Priest is dazed with a shot to the neck. AJ fights both opponents and Rollins dives to send Balor over the announce table. Priest catches AJ in mid-air and hits a big Razor’s Edge for 2 as Rollins beaks it up with a big Stomp.

AJ stumbles but tags in Rollins for a big pop. Rollins immediately nails the Stomp to Priest for the pin to win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and AJ Styles

After the match, Rollins and Styles stand tall to celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. Rollins and Styles continue their post-match celebration as the post-Night of Champions RAW goes off the air.

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Monday Night Raw Results – May 22, 2023

Apollo Crews is backstage with Cathy Kelley. He hopes Cody Rhodes is OK because that looked rough earlier. Apollo says otherwise, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t excited to be back on… Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley interrupt. Dominik says this was supposed to be Rhea’s interview time, but Cathy says Rhea was after Apollo. Dominik says Rhea is a busy woman and has something to say. She thanks Dom-Dom, then says Natalya has had a legendary career but she got in Ripley’s way so this Saturday at WWE Night of Champions, she will make an example of Natalya and make her regret coming to RAW, and end her legendary career. Dominik and Apollo have a few words and Crews asks Dominik what he’s going to do about it. Ripley says they will remind Apollo who runs RAW. Dominik says that’s right, Mami. Apollo can’t wait to see them try.

Apollo Crews vs. Dominik Mysterio

We go back to the ring and out comes Dominik Mysterio with SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Byron stops Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez backstage. They talk about having respect for each other, then they agree to team up for SmackDown and then the title Fatal 4 Way on RAW. We go back to the ring and out comes Apollo Crews. Apollo with shoulders early on. Apollo blocks a counter and hits a long vertical suplex.

Dominik kicks out of the corner but Apollo presses him high in the air again, then to the mat. Dominik stalls and kicks Apollo with a cheap shot off the distraction. More back and forth now. Apollo goes to the top but he gets caught up and turned upside down. Dominik stomps away now.

Crews tries to turn it around but Dominik grounds him. They break and Apollo catches another crossbody attempt in mid-air. Apollo with a big slam. Crews goes on and hits a top rope crossbody for 2. Apollo avoids 619, then pulls Dominik to the floor and rocks him with a right. Apollo ends up sent face-first into the steel ring steps thanks to an assist by Ripley. Crews is also taken out by a steel chair now as the referee begins counting.


Crews slides in right before the 10 count but Dominik flies from the other side of the ring, hitting a big Frogsplash on Crews for the pin to win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the match, Mysterio and Ripley celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays.

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