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Monday Night Raw Results – March 20, 2023
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SmackDown Results – March 17, 2023
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Monday Night Raw Results – March 13, 2023
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Monday Night Raw Results – March 6, 2023
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We go back to the ring and out comes Rhea Ripley. We see how she and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair brawled on SmackDown last Friday. The announcers hype Ripley vs. Flair at WrestleMania 39.

Ripley says to cut the music, it’s been going on for too long. Ripley agrees with some of what Flair said last week, but she does not agree with living in the past. She goes on and says Flair can’t accept her future which is why she keeps talking about what happened three years ago, at Ripley’s first WrestleMania when she was trying to make a name for herself and earn respect. Flair thinks she’s the leader of the women’s division but leaders actually respect others and Ripley knew after that match that Flair didn’t respect her, doesn’t now, and probably never will because Ripley makes Flair question the respect she has for herself, and question everything else when Flair hears the Ripley name. Fans start with the “What?!” treatment and Ripley calls theme pathetic.


Ripley says she brings out all Flair’s insecurities she tries to mask as confidence. Ripley says Flair knows she always gets up and keeps going when they go to war, when Flair just likes to keep people down. She says Flair has to admit it – Flair is done, she’s washed, it’s over and Flair has to go home where she means nothing, because without WWE, she is nothing. Ripley doesn’t care about Flair’s insecurities or if she respects Ripley, because she will become champion and the biggest star in WWE at WrestleMania. She says Flair will feel all her insecurities when she sees Ripley holding the title. She doesn’t need Flair to respect her, but she will fear her.

The music interrupts and out comes Damage CTRL – Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Bayley thought Ripley would name her when discussing leaders. Bayley laughs when mentioning how she pinned Flair in her first WrestleMania. Bayley goes on but Ripley interrupts and says she needs no help from them. Bayley says RAW belongs to Damage CTRL so it’s time to show Ripley. They have more words and Ripley issues a challenge, which is accepted. We cut to Adam Pearce in the back, who sends a referee to the ring. We go to commercial.

Bayley vs. Rhea Ripley

Back from the break and Bayley locks up with Rhea Ripley to start. They tangle some, then Bayley smacks Ripley around but she gets hit back. Bayley gets the upperhand.

Bayley knocks Ripley to the floor early on, then works her over. Ripley blocks a dropkick but Bayley yanks her into the ring post face-first. Ripley fights back and sends Bayley into the barrier as Dakota Kai and IYO SKY look on.


Ripley nails a big takedown and then taunts SKY and Kai. Ripley brings it back in for a 2 count. Ripley works Bayley in the corner now, then nails a big knee strike to the face. Bayley kicks out at 2. More back and forth now. Bayley mounts offense but Ripley levels her with power, then stomps away. Ripley goes for Riptide but SKY distracts the referee from the apron, while Kai hits the apron and rakes Ripley’s eyes from behind.

Bayley drops Ripley for a 2 count as Ripley yells out about her eyes. Bayley keeps control and drops Ripley for another 2 count. The music interrupts and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Becky Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer Lita. Becky is carrying a large bag of popcorn. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley hits a Bayley-to-Belly suplex but Ripley kicks out at 1 and no one can believe it. Bayley hits the move again. Ripley blocks the next move and slams Bayley face-first into the mat. Bayley with a running knee to the jaw. Some fans chant for Becky.

More back and forth in the ring now while Becky taunts Bayley. Ripley blocks a sunset flip roll-up, then levels her with double boots from the corner. Ripley with the Prism Lock submission now until Bayley gets the bottom rope to break it. SKY and Kai pull Bayley to the floor to regroup. Ripley ends up on the outside. Bayley attacks and sends Ripley head-first into the ring post.

Lita, Trish and Becky come over to take out Damage CTRL. Becky chases Bayley back in, then she turns around to a stiff shot from Ripley, then a headbutt. Ripley with a Riptide for the pin to win.


Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits.

Raw Talk Recap

To the video as Rhea Ripley faced off against Bayley. The match is interrupted by Trish, Lita, and Becky. Everyone brawls with everyone else which leads to Rhea hitting Rip Tide for the pin.

Judgment Day (minus Finn) is backstage and Priest says Balor is getting ready for Hell in a Cell. Dom promises to beat an answer out of his dad in front of The Mysterio Family. Rhea puts over beating one of the 4 Horsewomen tonight and at WrestleMania she is walking out with Charlotte’s crown. They leave and Priest takes Byron’s microphone.

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We see Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley walking backstage. We go to commercial.


Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega vs. Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley

We go back to the ring for mixed tag team action as The Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley are out first. We see how The Judgment Day beat Legado del Fantasma in six-man action last week. Out next comes Legado’s Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega, and they are ready to fight.

The bell rings and Dominik dropkicks Santos from the side, then mounts him with punches. Escobar fights back with flying forearms, and right hands of his own. Ripley runs in and Escobar catches her kick. Vega tags in and leaps off the top with a plancha while Escobar holds Ripley.

Vega plants Ripley face-first into the mat with a hurricanrana. They go to the floor but Escobar takes Dominik out at ringside. Vega climbs up and hits a moonsault to Ripley on the floor. Legado returns to the ring and Vega poses on top of Escobar’s shoulders. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Dominik unloads on Escobar in the corner. Escobar fights back but Dominik drops him and nails the senton from the apron for a 2 count.


Dominik mounts Escobar with rights now. They run the ropes and Escobar nails a dropkick. Escobar with the leg drop backbreaker for 2 as Ripley makes the save. Ripley slams Dominik on top of Escobar for 2 as Vega breaks the pin up just in time.

Dominik works Escobar over, but stops to taunt Vega. They go at it again and collide in the middle of the ring. Vega and Ripley tag in at the same time and they go at it. Vega counters with a big tornado DDT for 2 as Dominik pulls Vega off Ripley to boos. Escobar with a big jumping knee to Dominik. Ripley sends Vega to the floor. Escobar has Dominik up top but Ripley assists for the big slam to the mat.

Vega comes back in and nails a crossbody to Ripley, then a knee to the face. Vega goes to the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana on Dominik. Ripley comes from behind and slams Vega with Riptide for the pin to win.

Winners: Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley and Dominik stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Dominik takes the mic but boos drown him out. He says your WWE Hall of Famer is nothing but a disrespectful deadbeat of a father, who was never there for his son. We see Rey Mysterio on the big screen now, walking backstage. Fans pop and chant “Rey!” as we go back to commercial with Dominik looking on as Ripley hypes him up.


Back from the break and out comes Rey Mysterio to his music. Dominik comments on how Rey showed up this time but he missed so many nights at home in the past. Rey asks Ripley if he can have a moment with his son, and she leaves the ring. Dominik goes on and says Rey took his WrestleMania moment because he’s nothing but a scared failed attempt at a father. Dominik goes to call Rey a piece of shit but Rey interrupts.

Rey admits he wasn’t the best father, he missed a lot of things, but that doesn’t take away his love. Rey says he still loves Dominik and whether Dominik believes it or not, he is Rey”s world, but soon, pretty soon, Dominik will find out how selfish this business is and how Rey made sacrifices so that Dominik, his mom and sister could have the life Rey only dreamed of. All the fancy cars, the brand names, you name it – Dominik had it. Every time Dominik got into trouble, his last name bailed him out. Rey gets choked up and says he’s having a hard time coping with his. Rey says he’s being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and he’d love nothing more than to have Dominik at his side on the stage.

Fans chant “you deserve it!” now. Rey says his biggest regret is what Dominik has become. He says if some ungrateful, disrespectful, pathetic, punk ass kid called him out, at WrestleMania, he’d gladly whoop their ass. Fans pop and chant “kick his ass!” now. Rey says unfortunately… Dominik slaps his hand away. Rey says unfortunately, Dominik is his son and fighting him would be the biggest disgrace as a father. Rey says Dominik isn’t worth it, he won’t fight him now or any other time, and he won’t fight him at WrestleMania either. Rey drops the mic and exits the ring. Dominik taunts Rey for running away again, from his own son. Dominik calls Rey a scared little man and keeps taunting him. Rey stops on the stage and bows his head.

We see the war of words between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair on last week’s show.

Later on in the show:

We go back to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair to a big pop and pyro. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and Flair has the mic. She points up at the WrestleMania 39 sign and says the more things change, the more they stay the same. She recalls being a kid and this business was built on Rhodes as a challenger, and Flair as a champion. Here we are years later and WrestleMania 39 is built on the same thing.

Flair goes on about how she’s been a star in all her WrestleMania matches. She says Rhea Ripley can’t be the star or champion until she goes through Flair, which she couldn’t do three years ago, and which she can’t do now because the more things change, the more they stay the same. The music interrupts and out comes Ripley with Dominik Mysterio. Ripley says Flair is right, she chose Flair, not RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. She has reasons for not picking Belair and she will get back to that. Ripley goes on about how male and female Superstars fear her… except for Flair. That pisses Ripley off. Ripley praises Flair some and says she’s been champion all these times because she’s a Superstar.

Ripley could give her all the credit in the world but the title around her waist… Ripley wants and needs it, she doesn’t just want to be a star, she needs to be a star and after WrestleMania, once all is done and dusted, Flair will learn to call Ripley champion, and she will learn to fear Ripley. Dominik steps in Flair’s face and taunts her. Ripley drops Flair with a cheap shot. Ripley says she will see Flair at WrestleMania.

Fans boo as Ripley and Dominik exit the ring. Flair gets up, runs around the ring and clotheslines Ripley, then rams her into the barrier and beats on her. Ripley fights back as officials rush down to try and restore order. Flair hits the ring post hard and clutches her nose, but then she sends Ripley into the barrier. They brawl back on the floor, then to their feet. Flair decks a security guard, then nails a running big boot to Ripley. Ripley keeps fighting and tosses Flair over the announce table. Security holds Ripley back but Flair leaps off the announce table and takes them all down. The brawl continues against the barrier as officials try to restore order. They tumble over the barrier into the crowd now. They’re finally kept apart but still taunting each other as fans pop. Flair stands in the ring and raises her title in the air. Ripley looks up at her and smiles, then licks her lips.

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We go right to the ring and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge to a big pop and pyro as the announcers hype the show.

Edge thanks Providence and says that feels good, this is why he does this. He says everyone knows why he’s here… he calls Finn Balor out. The music hits and out comes The Judgment Day to the stage – Balor, Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest, and Dominik Mysterio. Balor says for once he agrees with the fans and wants to hear what Edge has to say, so spit it out.

Edge says he didn’t come to talk, he came to end this. He goes on and insults Balor’s stablemates, and then accepts the WrestleMania 39 challenge Balor issued a few weeks back. Balor says this beating will be nothing compared to Extreme Rules. Edge tells him to shut his mouth. He goes on about wasting the past year of his comeback on The Judgement Day, the year before he wrestled in front of a bunch of screens, and time is running out before he can accomplish what he needs to. Edge says Balor did make The Judgment Day better but only because he leaned into them being bitter, immature malcontents, but it’s worked as they keep leaving Edge lay, and made him quit a match.

Edge says Balor has tried to make his life hell for the past year, and some time he has succeeded, so Edge only sees one way this can end – at WrestleMania, inside Hell In a Cell. Balor looks on from the stage as fans pop. Balor says he went to hell and it spit him out because hell can’t handle his demons. Balor says he will see Edge at WrestleMania but until then… The Judgment Day marches to the ring. Edge fights but they beat him down to boos. Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and Dexter Lumis make the save as we go to commercial.

Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio vs. Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis

Back from the break and Johnny Gargano is working on Dexter Lumis while Candice LeRae and Rhea Ripley look on from ringside. Dominik tangles with Gargano but gets kicked in the head.

Dominik ends up tagging in Damian Priest, who wants Dexter Lumis to come in. Fans pop as Lumis comes in. They trade arm holds now. Priest drops Lumis with a big shoulder, then poses to boos. Priest charges but Lumis stops him in his tracks. Priest unloads into the corner with strikes as the referee warns him.

Lumis gets whipped hard into the turnbuckles as fans chant “you suck!” at Priest. Lumis nails a kick and fights back, dropkicking Priest to the floor. Priest rushes back in but Lumis hits a drop toe hold to turn it round. Gargano takes over but Priest levels him with a big right, then launches him into the corner with Snake Eyes. Dominik tags back in and mounts Gargano with punches as fans boo.

Dominik runs into double knees in the corner. They tangle at the floor and the apron now. Gargano superkicks Dominik from the apron. Lumis uppercuts Priest as he comes over. Gargano nails a cannonball from the apron to Priest and Mysterio as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest dominates Gargano to turn it around in the corner. Dominik tags in and stomps away. Priest comes back in and drops Lumis on the apron, then hits a Broken Arrow to Gargano for a close 2 count. Dominik tags in and grounds Gargano as fans rally. Dominik with the Three Amigos suplexes as boos get louder now. Gargano kicks out at 2.

Dominik smacks Gargano around now. Dominik with a dropkick to the back to set Gargano up for 619, but Gargano blocks it and hits a Spear from the apron. LeRae and Ripley scream for the hot tags. Lumis and Priest tag in and unload with big strikes. Lumis with a Spinebuster, then one for Dominik as he runs in. Lumis with corner clotheslines for both opponents, then a Bulldog to Dominik, then a belly-to-back suplex to Priest, and a kip-up for 2.

Lumis sends Priest to the floor but Dominik rolls Lumis up for 2 with his feet on the ropes, but LeRae moves his legs off the ropes. Ripley chases LeRae but LeRae side-steps and sends her into the steel ring steps. Ripley lifts LeRae and slams her face-first into the top of the barrier. Lumis is behind Ripley now. She stares him down.

Priest charges and clotheslines Lumis as he turns around. Priest rolls Luis back in and drops him face-first into the mat. Dominik tags in and hits the Frogsplash from the top for 2 as Gargano breaks it up just in time. Gargano superkicks Priest to the floor, then nails a big suicide dive to send Priest into the announce table.

Dominik flies out and drops Gargano from behind. Dominik and Lumis tangle now but Lumis locks in The Silence. Priest tags in but Lumis doesn’t see it. Priest nails a roundhouse kick and South of Heaven to Lumis for the pin to win.

Winners: The Judgment Day

After the match, The Judgment Day stands tall as we go to replays.

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Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano

We go back to the ring and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor with Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Paul Heyman is backstage hyping up Jimmy Uso so that he can end the Sami Zayn problem. Heyman goes on and says if Jey Uso doesn’t come back to The Bloodline this week, Roman Reigns will blame Jimmy, no one else. Heyman walks off. We go back to the ring and out comes Johnny Gargano with Dexter Lumis as The Judgment Day looks on.

The bell rings and they go at it. Balor levels Gargano with a big shoulder, then he taunts him. Balor drops Gargano and goes for a headlock but Gargano counters. Balor gets to the ropes to break the hold as Balor’s stablemates taunt Gargano.

Balor with a headlock to Gargano now. Gargano comes back with arm drags, then he grounds Balor. More back and forth now. Balor runs into a big boot. Gargano mounts offense and dropkicks Balor to the floor, then nails a suicide dive right in front of Lumis, who provided the distraction. We go back to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Balor is stomping away on Gargano. Gargano sends his boots to Balor’s chin for a stiff shot. Gargano mounts offense now. Balor chops him but Gargano nails a clothesline. Gargano with an enziguri to send Balor to the floor. Balor rushes back in to avoid an attack from the ring. Gargano nails the Spear from the apron for 2. Gargano with running double knees in the corner. Gargano goes for a superkick but Balor blocks it with a Slingblade.

Balor superkicks Balor while on his knees. Gargano with another superkick for a 2 count. Balor comes back and drops Gargano for another close 2 count. Balor mounts Gargano with right hands while talking trash. Gargano kicks him and rolls him back for 2. Priest hits the apron to distract the referee, but this allows Gargano to leap off the apron with a cannonball to Dominik on the floor, taking him out. Balor turns it back around on Gargano and hits the corner dropkick.

Balor goes to the top for the Coup de Grace but the music of WWE Hall of Famer Edge hits to a big pop. Dominik is still down at ringside as Ripley and Priest go to the stage to wait for Edge. Edge comes from the crowd instead, shoving Balor off the top turnbuckles to the mat. Balor stumbles to his feet but Gargano nails One Final Beat for the pin to win while Priest and Ripley are still waiting on the apron.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the match, Gargano stands tall as the music hits. Priest gets dropped by Lumis at ringside. Edge enters the ring and drops Balor with a Spear. Edge mounts Balor and yells at him about how this is not over. Edge heads to the crowd and stops to look back at Balor while his music plays.

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We see Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley

Back from the break and out comes Rhea Ripley with Dominik Mysterio. Liv Morgan is out next as we see how she challenged Ripley to this match in a post-show interview with Megan Morant last Friday.

The bell rings and Liv unloads into the corner. Ripley grabs her but Liv nails a kick. They tangle some more and Liv hits a hip toss. Liv goes on until Ripley drops her while Dominik rallies at ringside.

Ripley stands over Liv and taunts her while talking some trash about SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Ripley pounds on Liv but misses in the corner. Liv with a back splash and a high knee in the corner. Liv with a missile dropkick from the middle rope to send Ripley to the floor.

Liv runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Ripley is waiting on her at ringside. Ripley side-steps and swats Liv to the floor. Ripley stands tall over Liv at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ripley continues to dominate. Liv gets a small opening and stuns Ripley. Liv with a kick and a hurricanrana from the middle rope. Liv goes on and nails Ripley with double knees. Liv mounts more offense and flies off the middle turnbuckle with a super Codebreaker to the face but Ripley kicks out just in time. Liv can’t believe it.

Ripley blocks the Ob-Livion. Liv blocks Riptide. Liv with a step-up enziguri, then a high knee in the corner to put Ripley down as a worried Dominik looks on. Liv goes to the top but Ripley catches her for a powerbomb.

Ripley keeps fighting and nails Riptide in the middle of the ring, but she’s not done yet. Ripley then applies the inverted Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring and Liv taps out for the submission win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Dominik joins Ripley as Liv tries to recover.

We see Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley walking backstage now. Santos Escobar interrupts and Dominik asks if there’s a problem. Escobar says Rey Mysterio should’ve punched Dominik in the face last week but he understands why Rey couldn’t, but Santos can. He says Adam Pearce agrees with him, so he’s going to teach Dominik a lesson in respect tonight. Escobar says he’s going to the ring right now and if Dominik is half the man he says he is, he will meet Escobar out there, hombre-to-hombre. Escobar blows a kiss at Ripley and walks off. Ripley looks concerned at Dominik as we go to commercial.

Santos Escobar vs. Dominik Mysterio

We go back to the ring and out comes Santos Escobar. He is wearing his lucha mask, but also carrying the mask he was recently given by Rey Mysterio. Escobar takes Rey’s mask and places it on the top turnbuckle. Out next comes Dominik Mysterio with Rhea Ripley. Cole points to how Mysterio didn’t come out by himself.

The bell rings and Escobar charges into the corner but Dominik stalls to boos. Escobar backs off and Dominik charges with a cheap shot. Dominik with a headlock now as Ripley cheers him on. Escobar turns it around in the corner, mounting Dominik from behind and making him look at the Rey mask, screaming about how this is Dominik’s legacy.

Escobar drops Dominik on the mat now and applies the Surfboard submission to a pop. Dominik ends up getting out of the hold as Ripley rallies for him. Dominik goes on and sends Escobar to the floor, then nails a suicide dive. Dominik and Ripley show off at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Dominik is mounting Escobar in the corner with right hands as Ripley taunts the crowd to boos. Dominik drops Escobar into position for 619, but instead he nails a knee to the back of the head. Escobar snaps and charges, taking Dominik down and unloading on him to a pop. Escobar goes on but Dominik jabs him in the eye.

Dominik with a running corner clothesline, then some trash talking in the corner while forcing Escobar to look at the Rey mask. Dominik puts Escobar back down on the mat and poses to boos. Dominik talks more trash and slaps Escobar. Escobar counters a move and runs the ropes, ducking Dominik and hitting a flying elbow. Escobar mounts offense and nails a leg drop for 2. Escobar goes on working Dominik over. They collide in mid-air with headbutts, and both go down now.

More back and forth. Dominik has brass knuckles now, which has the referee distracted with him in the corner. This allows Ripley to pull Escobar to ringside for a Riptide on the floor. She rolls Escobar back in and Dominik goes to the top for the big Frogsplash to get the pin to win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the match, Dominik stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Dominik and Ripley exit the ring now with Dominik taunting Escobar with the stolen Rey mask. Escobar seethes from the ring as fans boo Dominik. The music interrupts and out comes Rey. Dominik taunts him with the mask, and says he will give it to his father if Rey hits him. Rey refuses but wants the mask. Dominik drops the mask and goes to walk away. Rey leans over to pick the mask up but Dominik shoves him over. The boos get louder as Dominik stands with Ripley. Rey sits up now and looks at the mask in his hands, and he’s a bit emotional.

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Still to come, a look at Rhea Ripley vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Dominik Mysterio vs. Rey Mysterio.

Back from the break and The Judgment Day is backstage – Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest and Finn Balor. We see highlights from Dominik’s appearance on SmackDown with his dad Rey Mysterio. Dominik insults his father and says he showed the world what a loser his father is in the ring, and at being a father. Dominik says he will be with Rhea on SmackDown this week when she faces Liv Morgan, so maybe he and his father can have a talk then. Dominik says Rey won’t do anything about it because he’s in Ex-Con Dom’s world now. Rhea says she didn’t have to say a word to SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair on Friday. We see footage from their segment. Rhea says just being in the same building had Flair shook. Ripley looked Flair in the eyes and saw something worse than fear, it was acceptance because no amount of coincidence or nauseating words she had to say on Friday can change the fact Flair can’t escape fate, and that’s Ripley winning the title at WrestleMania 39. Finn says WWE Hall of Famer Edge thought their war was over at Elimination Chamber. We see what happened last week. Balor says Edge doesn’t get when to decide when this is over, it’s over when Finn says it is. Balor says Edge is playing checkers while The Prince is playing chess, and he still has one more move to make. Balor issues a challenge to end this at WrestleMania.

Byron is backstage with Johnny Gargano now. He recalls Otis coming up to him and saying he needs some hot action, so they have a match now. The Judgment Day interrupts and Damian Priest talks down to Gargano. They have words. Gargano almost steps to Priest but Finn Balor steps to Gargano. Balor says Otis is going to flatten Gargano like a pancake tonight but if he doesn’t cover Gargano in maple syrup and gobble him up, then Balor will finish the job next week. Gargano says he will see Balor next week as The Judgment Day walks off.

Credit: WrestlingHeadlines.com

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Kayla is in the back and she is with Rey Mysterio. Rey says he will make sure he puts an end to Karrion Kross once…

Santos Escobar shows up and he says there is one thing that Legado del Fantasma and his familia believe in is respect.  He got a mask from Rey Mysterio and he wants to show how much he respects Rey.  Rey says the feeling is mutual.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley show up and Dom asks how long will Santos kiss Rey’s ass.  Santos says he will teach Dom respect. Dom says in prison, those who didn’t back up what they say get dealt with. Dom wishes Rey luck. Santos tells Rey he knows who he is. Rey says that is his son and he walks away.

We go to commercial.

Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo looks at how Rhea Ripley won the Women’s Royal Rumble and then challenged SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania 39. We also see their recent sitdown interviews. Still to come, Flair and Ripley will face-off. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:
Back from the break and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair as the announcers hype her WrestleMania 39 title defense against Rhea Ripley.

Flair says she knows Ripley likes to run her mouth on RAW, so she can’t wait to hear what Ripley says to her face. Flair calls Ripley out but she’s not coming. Flair smells hesitation. She asks if Ripley is scared after remembering the last time they were in the ring together. Dominik Mysterio comes out to boos. Dominik isn’t going to let Flair run down his mami. Flair knocks him and tells him to go get Ripley and tell her to face her like a real woman instead of hiding behind a boy toy.

Dominik is in the ring now. He says Flair sounds jealous and bitter because she knows Ripley is the hottest thing in WWE right now, and no other woman has entered the Royal Rumble at #1 and won it all. Flair smiles and Dominik says she’s beautiful, she should smile more. He goes on about how Ripley is dominant and strong, so strong she almost breaks his back when she hugs him, and when she… Flair interrupts and says she has a real Latino man at home who calls her mami, referring to AEW’s Andrade El Idolo, and his accent is much thicker. Fans pop.

Dominik brings up some of the similarities he has with Flair being generational Superstars. Fans boo. Dominik just knows his father was worse, and that really messed him up. He says when Ripley wins at WrestleMania, Flair will know her dad was right – she’s just not good enough. Flair says unlike Dominik, she loves her dad and he’s 74 tomorrow, so happy early birthday. Fans “Wooo!” again. Flair says her dad can still go and if he was here, he’d kick Dominik’s butt but since he’s not here… Flair steps to Dominik as fans pop. Dominik backs away. The music interrupts and out comes Ripley.

Ripley marches to the ring and faces off with Flair, laughing at her. Dominik pulls Ripley away and they exit the ring. Flair picks up the title belt and raises it in the air. Ripley rushes back in and gets in Flair’s face. They have a few words and taunt each other as Dominik gets Ripley to exit the ring again, while Flair keeps the title in the air.

Credit: WrestlingHeadlines

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Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo replay looks at how WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix defeated Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. Edge will challenge WWE United States Champion Austin Theory later on. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we go to Byron Saxton’s previously-recorded sitdown interview with Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. He asks about what happened at WWE Elimination Chamber. Ripley says what about it. Saxton says she and Finn Balor came up short against WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix. Ripley says the last thing she will say about Beth is after they went toe-to-toe, Beth said she was the real deal. They have un-finished business but Ripley isn’t focused on the past, she’s focused on WrestleMania 39. Saxton presses but Dominik says Ripley is done talking about them, who are has-beens like his father. Dominik threatens to show Saxton what he learned in prison. Saxton asks about facing SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania, and how she’s talked about putting Ripley in her place a few years back at WrestleMania. Ripley says Flair is only bringing up what happened a few years ago because she refuses to see what everyone else sees – that Ripley is the best woman in WWE. She says the only lesson here is this – she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Ripley says if Flair puts her in her place at WrestleMania then that will be good because her place is standing over Flair as the new champion. Saxton asks what to expect in Friday’s face-off on SmackDown. Ripley says watch to find out. Dominik brings up his dad’s match with Karrion Kross and says he might just tag along to SmackDown with Ripley. Ripley tells Saxton the interview is done. She and Mysterio walk out together.

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Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley

We go back to the ring for mixed tag team action and out first comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley with Dominik Mysterio. Damian Priest is staying in the back to prepare for his match. WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix are out next to a big pop. Edge runs around the stage as Phoenix looks on. They then pose together as the pyro goes off.

The men start things off and they lock up. Balor with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Edge with boots to Balor and he punches Finn on the turnbuckles. Beth tags in and she hits a shoulder in the corner on Finn and Edge with a splash off Beth’s back. Rhea enters the match and they have words for each other. Beth pushes Rhea and Rhea with a punch. They lock up and Rhea with a side head lock. Beth with an elbow and clothesline but Rhea stays on her feet. Rhea calls Beth pathetic and tries to clothesline Beth but Beth stays on her feet. THey both go for clotheslines and both stay on their feet. Rhea with a puncch and kick. Dom gets on the apron and he says something to Rhea.

Rhea wants a test of strength. Neither gains the advantage at first but Rhea with a kick and she goes for RipTide but Beth escapes and goes for a Glam Slam. Rhea wtih an elbow and Beth with a clothesline. Rhea goes to the floor and Dom distracts Beth and Beth goes to the floor and Rhea misses a clothesline as Dom runs past. Beth with chops and she sends Rhea into the ring steps. They return to the ring and Beth stomps on Rhea and she punches Finn. Finn gets in the ring and Dom crotches Beth on the turnbuckles. Edge chases Dom to the back. Rhea puts Beth in the tree of woe and she kicks Beth. Rhea gives Edge a crotch chop. Rhea sends Beth face first into the mat and Dom comes back.

Rhea with a forearm to the back. Rhea with a second forearm to the back. Rhea goes for a third one but Beth with a forearm. They go back and forth with forearms. Beth knocks Finn off the apron. Rhea keeps Beth from making the tag but Beth with a DDT. Finn goes under the ring to pull Edge off the apron and then he connects with an elbow Edge on the floor. Rhea with a clothesline in the corner. Rhea escapes a Glam Slam and runs Beth into the turnbuckles. Rhea goes to the turnbuckles and Beth wtih elbows and she gets to the mat. Beth blocks a kick and she chops Rhea a few times. Rhea with punches and forearms on the turnbuckles. Beth sets for a superplex and hits it.

Beth kicks Rhea into Finn and Edge tags in and hits shoulder tackles and clotheslines. Edge with a flapjack. Edge goes for a DDT but Balor escapes and goes for a double stomp. Edge with a cloverleaf and Beth with a spear to Rhea and she locks in the hold. Dom gets on the apron and Rhea with a head butt to Beth and Rhea hits Edge with brass knuckles but Beth breaks up the cover. Beth kicks Rhea to the floor and they are both down. Finn with punches to Edge. Balor goes up top and Dominik is sent into the ropes and it crotches Balor. Edge with forearms and they are on the turnbuckles but Beth and Rhea come under for power bombs.

Everyone is down and Dom goes under the ring to get chairs. Rhea goes to the floor and so does Beth. Dom moves the ring steps. Rhea sends Beth’s head into the ring steps and Dom hands Rhea a chair. Finn holds Edge and Rhea misses with the chair. Rhea is sent into the steps and Beth with a Glam Slam on the floor. Edge with Edgecution and a suicide dive onto Dom. Edge returns to the ring and he sets for a spear but Balor with a sling blade. Balor sets for the drop kick but Edge with a spear. Edge and Beth hit Shatter Machine for the three count.

Winners: Edge and Beth Phoenix

After the match, the music hits as Edge and Beth recover to stand together. We go to replays. Dominik regroups with Balor and Ripley at ringside as they try to recover. Edge taunts them from the ring. Balor is seething as he threatens Edge. The Grit Couple goes back to the corner to pose and continue their celebration.

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The Street Profits vs. The Judgment Day

We go back to the ring and out comes The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They hit the ring and pose as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Profits wait in the ring as The Judgment Day comes out next – Finn Balor and Damian Priest with Dominik Mysterio. Graves hypes Balor and Rhea Ripley vs. WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix at Elimination Chamber. The bell rings and Ford starts off with Priest now.

Priest takes control int he corner with big strikes, then Edge drops Ford as he charges in. Balor tags in with a big stomp for 2. Balor and Ford tangle until Ford nails a big jumping kick. Dawkins tags in and they take out Balor to send him to the floor. Priest charges in and they double team him face-first into the mat, then send him to the floor. The Profits fly to take Priest back down as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Priest has Ford up top for a big back superplex but Ford counters in mid-air and they both land hard. Dawkins and Balor tag in, trading offense now. Dawkins runs the ropes, then knocks Priest off the apron into the announce table, then hits the flying back elbow to Balor.

Dawkins goes on and hits The Silencer. Dawkins mises the corner splash as Balor moves but Ford tags in for the double team. Ford covers for 2 but Priest makes the save just in time as a worried Dominik looks on. The Profits hit the huge super Blockbuster from the corner and Dawkins covers for 2 but Balor kicks out just in time. Dawkins sends Priest to the floor, then Ford runs the ropes for a big dive to take him down at ringside.

Dominik interferes but Dawkins takes him out. Balor takes advantage with a Slingblade to Dawkins, then the corner dropkick. Balor goes to the top and hits Coup de Grace on Dawkins for the pin to win.

Winners: The Judgment Day

After the match, the music hits as The Judgment Day stands tall. Ford checks on Dawkins but Priest runs over and knocks Ford out. The music hits and out comes Edge and Beth Phoenix to a big pop. Edge fights off Balor and Priest, then sends them retreating while Phoenix man-handles Dominik in the ring. She goes for the Glam-Slam but Rhea Ripley surprises everyone and makes her presence known, decking Phoenix and saving Dominik. Ripley with a Riptide to Phoenix as fans boo and Dominik cheers her on. Edge rushes in to check on his wife as Mysterio and Ripley regroup at ringside, laughing at The Grit Couple. The Judgment Day stands together on the entrance-way, taunting Edge and Beth.


Byron Saxton is with THE Judgment Day.  Byron asks if they have the upper hand after the attack on Beth and Edge. Finn says they always havve the upper hand.  He says he thinks they like getting beaten up but it will happen again and again.  Dom says Edge, Beth, and his pathetic dad were good but the game passed them by. Priest says he will walk out of the Elimination Chamber as US Champion and Rhea will walk out of Wrestlemania as champion. Rhea says Charlotte says she is on a different level but Charlotte is on the level below her.  Rhea says her rise begins on Saturday when they beat the crap out of the Grit Couple.

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