WWE Raw Results – March 11, 2024

After Becky and Liv’s match here comes Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley!


Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring. Morgan stares up the ramp at the woman who took her out of action for months. Ripley stares at Morgan. Morgan shouts that she will take everything from Ripley. The referee pushes Morgan away toward the back.

Ripley gets in the ring and stares at her WrestleMania opponent, Becky Lynch. Ripley sarcastically congratulates Lynch. A loud “Mami” chant picks up. Was it all worth it to beat Liv Morgan? Lynch seems to be getting into these fights weekly and leaving it all in the ring. They seem to be getting closer and closer to WrestleMania. That’s what The Man is all about, right? She’ll fight anyone at any time and anywhere. Ripley knows the real reason why she does it. Lynch thinks she still has to prove that she’s the best, but she knows deep down that Ripley is better than her. That’s why she keeps accepting these matches heading into WrestleMania so she has an excuse for why she couldn’t beat Ripley. If Lynch doesn’t step into WrestleMania at 100%, she’ll stop being The Man. She’ll be a disappointment.

Another “Mami” chant picks up. Lynch thinks about it. Before the Royal Rumble, she looked Ripley in the eye and said she thinks Ripley is better than her, but she has to prove she’s not. Lynch says when people believe in her, she’s good. When people doubt her, she’s great. If it has to be Lynch against the whole world, the whole world doesn’t stand a chance. Lynch walks off on Ripley.

The Judgment Day Clubhouse

The Judgment Day is talking backstage when Andrade walks in. Damian Priest isn’t happy, but Rhea Ripley says she invited him. She says Dominik Mysterio isn’t here tonight, but they would like to talk to him. Andrade says he’s all about business. Finn Bálor says he’s known Andrade for a long time and finds him intriguing. Ripley says he brings a lot. Priest wants to continue focusing on WrestleMania. It starts by handling R-Truth.