RAW Talk Recap – June 7, 2021

When the show returns from the break, the Raw Women’s Champion brings her “brutality” to Raw Talk. Kevin notices Rhea is frustrated, and brings up Nikki Cross and Charlotte. Rhea tells the hosts “I find it humorous that Charlotte said she would be professional… she started it tonight. She just has to prove her point that she is still relevant, and that makes me mad.” Kevin wonders if anyone got anything out the issues last night, and Rhea explains “I should have known better. I should have had eyes in the back of my head.” Rhea continues, and says “Charlotte is playing a whole different game… but she can try her best, because I already know I live rent free in her head.” Kevin follows up by asking if Rhea expects better out of Charlotte, and Ripley says “I’ve been in the ring with her a few times, every time I lost it was my fault.” Kevin puts Truth on the spot, and asks him to pick a winner for next Sunday’s Raw Women’s Championship match, so he picks “whoever the person who is the hungriest.” Kevin and Truth bring the interview to a close, and sends the show to one last commercial.

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