Raw Talk Recap – July 5, 2021

The Raw Women’s Champion brings her brutality to the Raw Talk set, and she says “I got to hit Charlotte with a crutch tonight, so I’m feeling chirpy.” Kevin asks if Rhea is in The head of Charlotte , and she tells him “Oh yeah, rent free! Every morning she wakes up and I’m in her head.” Kevin wonders if Rhea really believes that, and she tells him “I just said yes, bro… I just said yes.” Rhea asks Truth if he’s gonna let Kevin talk to her “like that,” and Kevin apologizes. Kevin asks what the game plan is for Money In The Bank, and Rhea questions Kevin, stating “How many times are you going to ask me this same question? I’m not going to tell you my game plan. Are you that much of an idiot?” Rhea continues explaining why she can’t answer the question, until Kevin wishes Rhea “good luck.” Rhea says “I don’t need your luck. I’m going to walk into Money In The Bank, and I’m going to defeat Charlotte Flair.” The host’s thank Rhea for stopping by, and it’s time for another break.

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