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WWE NXT Results – October 3, 2023

Match Number Six: Dominik Mysterio (with Rhea Ripley) versus Trick Williams for the NXT North American Championship

Dom kicks Trick in the back and he connects with a punch. Trick with a drop kick but Dom escapes a slam attempt. Trick with a pop up uppercut and Dom goes to the floor. Trick goes after Dom on the floor but Dom gets back into the ring and back to the floor. Dom punches Trick and he tries to send Trick into the announce table. Trick blocks it and he sends Dom into the announce table and follows with a punch. Trick sends Dom back into the ring and he punches Dom. Trick with a reverse chin lock. Dom with elbows but Trick holds on to the side head lock and takes Dom back to the mat.

Damian Priest and Finn Balor show up as Dom hits a belly-to-back suplex on Trick. Dom punches Trick. Dom with a corkscrew back elbow for a near fall. Dom with a reverse chin lock. Trick with elbows and Dom with a knee. Dom with a hard Irish whip or two. Dom with a slingshot senton for a near fall. Dom chokes Trick in the ropes. Rhea has some words for Trick while Dom hits boots to the back. Dom with two suplexes but Trick blocks the third amigo and Trick hits a neck breaker. Trick with forearms and punches to Dom. Trick with an uppercut and a jumping leg lariat. Trick with a flapjack. Dom with a super kick and a cross body but Trick catches Dom and slams him. Trick with boots to Dom. Trick with a uranage and he gets a near fall.

Rhea pushes her title belt into the ring and gets on the apron. Dom with a DDT onto the belt and he gets a near fall. Trick with an inside cradle for a near fall. Dom with punches and a knee to the midsection and kicks. Dom with a catapult that sends Trick into the ropes. Dom with a 619 and then Dom goes up top for the frog splash and Trick gets his knees up. Trick with a jumping knee. JD McDonagh tries to interfere.but Trick stops him. Finn hits Trick with his title belt while the referee takes the briefcase from Dom.

Dom with a frog splash for the three count.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio (new champion)

Monday Night Raw Results – October 2, 2023

We go into the arena to see Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler brawling on the ramp. Jax throws her down the ramp and into the LED apron. Jax rolls Baszler into the ring and gets inside. Baszler kicks away at her and jumps on her back for a Kirifuda Clutch attempt. Jax backs her into the corner and smashes her into it.

Raquel Rodriguez’s music hits, and she returns to Raw for the first time since being taken out by Jax a few weeks back. Rodriguez runs down to the ring and attacks Jax. Rodriguez goes for a big boot, but Jax sidesteps it, causing Rodriguez to hit Baszler with it.

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley’s music hits, and she comes out to a big reaction. We haven’t seen Ripley in weeks as well. Ripley attacks Jax until the other two women get involved. WWE officials and security run into the ring to break it up. Ripley viciously kicks two male security guards down before hitting a third with a vicious Riptide. The crowd loudly chants, “Mami.”

Ripley says, “Mami is back on Monday Night Raw!” Ripley says she is not going anywhere because she needs to talk with the Judgment Day right now. She calls them out.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion and “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest comes to the ring alongside “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, who no longer has the NXT North American Championship after losing it this past Saturday at NXT No Mercy. Mysterio looks upset.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see the Women’s World Champion putting over Damian Priest and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. Now that she’s gotten that off her chest, she has some Judgment Day business to attend to. There is no leader in the Judgment Day, but they each have their own responsibilities to handle. Someone has to come up with a game plan so things don’t go down on the Judgment Day. Mami gets taken out for two weeks by Nia Jax, and things start falling apart for the Judgment Day. Mami is the one who makes the plans. At the end of the day, with her being out, she left that responsibility with somebody, and they disappointed her. She left that responsibility with Damian Priest. Priest couldn’t handle the job. After the brawl last week, Finn Bálor is out injured. Priest isn’t even cleared to compete tonight against Jey Uso. What else happens? Dom loses his NXT North American Championship to Trick Williams at No Mercy because Priest wasn’t there to help him like she told him to. Now we have the Cody and Jey situation. They don’t fear them because there’s tension in the group. They’re not a threat to them. They’re going to try to take their championships away from them. What will Priest do? He won’t do anything about it. Priest does not look happy.

Priest finally says, “With all due respect, Rhea, you’re not saying anything I don’t already know.” Yes, Cody and Jey are coming for the titles, but when push comes to shove, he will push harder. With that being said, screw Cody Rhodes, screw “Main Event” Jey Uso, and screw the talks of the Judgment Day falling apart. The way he sees it, he has his titles and contract. He’s not trying to point fingers and start something, “But Mami, where’s Dom-Dom’s title?”

Ripley turns and coldly looks at Mysterio, who has his head down. The crowd cheers and chants, “Where’s your title?” She says she is his Mami, which makes him her Papi. Tomorrow night, he has a rematch against Trick Williams for the title. If he doesn’t come home to her with that championship, then he can not bother to come home at all.

“Main Event” Jey Uso makes his way to the ring to a loud ovation. The crowd chants for him as he stands in the ring with three of the four members of the Judgment Day. Jey just stares at them and doesn’t say anything for a bit. Jey is out here to welcome back Rhea Ripley. Jey looks her in the eyes and says everyone missed her. It’s looking like there’s a new Tribal Chief on Monday Night, and she has bigger balls than Roman Reigns ever did.

Priest angrily leans against the ropes and says he’s tired of hearing Jey open his mouth. Priest approaches Jey, but Mysterio holds him back. Mysterio holds up the microphone to speak, but the crowd loudly boos him. Mysterio is viciously booed to the point that it’s hard to hear him. Mysterio says Priest isn’t medically cleared, but he is. Mysterio wants to talk care of Jey Uso. Jey chuckles. Ripley looks concerned, but Priest says Mysterio can handle it.

Jey and Mysterio are left in the ring. Mysterio goes for a right hand, but Jey sidesteps him and delivers a superkick. All of a sudden, JD McDonagh jumps into the ring and attacks Jey from behind. Jey fights him off, but Mysterio takes him down. McDonagh holds Jey up, and Mysterio starts hitting some right hands. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes runs down for the save. Jey superkicks McDonagh out of the ring. Jey connects with a superkick on Mysterio, and Rhodes immediately follows up with Cross Rhodes. Priest just stood on the apron and didn’t help.

WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out to the stage. The Judgment Day has caused enough chaos tonight. They’ll handle the chaos this Saturday at WWE Fastlane when Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso take on Finn Bálor and Damian Priest. To understand the stakes, that match will be for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. That is official! Priest looks stunned.

We see the Judgment Day in their locker room. Damian Priest is complaining about Adam Pearce’s decisions. JD McDonagh starts talking, but Priest tells him to be quiet. Rhea Ripley tells Priest to listen to him because he’s onto something. McDonagh suggests they try to divide Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. They’ll divide and then conquer them. Priest says he’ll think about it.

Jackie Redmond is backstage with new NXT North American Champion Trick Williams. Williams introduces himself to Redmond and the rest of the world. He’s got gold on his ear, wrist, and waist. Tomorrow, he’ll defend the title against “Dirty” Dom. “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio walks up to him along with Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and JD McDonagh. Ripley says Mysterio won’t be alone tomorrow night and will leave with his NXT North American Championship.

Monday Night RAW Results – September 11, 2023

We see Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley preparing backstage. She’ll defend the title against Raquel Rodriguez later tonight with “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio banned from ringside.

The Judgment Day have a meeting and Priest says the more that Jey feels isolated, the more he needs The Judgment Day. Rhea says eventually they come around to The Judgment Day. Dom says he wishes he could be out there. Rhea says she wishes he was out there too but they will take care of the Jey business while she defends her title.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Raquel Rodriguez For The WWE Women’s World Championship

Raquel with a clothesline and she goes for a power bomb but Rhea goes for a sunset flip and Raquel does not go over. Raquel runs Rhea into the corner and connects with shoulders. Rhea with a kick to the midsection and Raquel blocks an Irish whip. Raquel with an Irish whip and power slam for a near fall. Raquel with a waist lock and Rhea with elbows to get out of the hold. Rhea misses a clothesline and Raquel with a bear hug. Rhea pulls the hair but Raquel runs Rhea into the turnbuckles. Rhea with a body scissors in the ropes and a head butt. Rhea goes up top and hits a missile drop kick. Raquel goes to the apron and Rhea goes to the floor and hits a cannonball off the ring steps. Rhea sends Raquel back into the ring and hits a running knee to the head for a near fall. Rhea with punches to Raquel. Rhea with a head butt and she kicks Raquel in the back and in the ribs. Rhea slaps Raquel and chops her in the back. Raquel pushes Rhea away but Rhea with a drop kick.

Raquel sends Rhea over the top rope to the floor and Rhea hits the apron face first. Raquel with a running boot that sends Rhea into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhea with kicks to Raquel and she works on the leg and applies an Indian Death Lock. Rhea works on the knee with punches to add more pressure. Rhea with chops and Raquel slams Rhea’s head into the mat to get out of the hold. Raquel misses a boot into the corner and her leg is caught on the top rope. Rhea gets Raquel on her shoulders and hot shots Raquel. Rhea with a head scissors in the ropes and the referee warns Rhea as he makes the count. Rhea with another head scissors in the ropes but Raquel gets to her feet and Raquel hot shots Rhea onto the turnbuckles. Raquel with punches to Rhea followed by a running forearm. Rhea with a forearm to Raquel. Raquel misses a clothesline and both women with running boots at the same time and both go down. Rhea with punches and Raquel punches back.

They exchange chops until Rhea connects with a kick. Rhea with a back heel kick and a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Rhea with forearms to the back and she connects with a forearm to the back of the head. Rhea sets for RipTide but Raquel with elbows. Raquel grabs the hair to stop RipTide and Raquel with a knee and snake eyes followed by a back body drop. Raquel with a boot to the head for a near fall. Raquel steps onto Rhea and goes for the twisting Vader Bomb Elbow but Rhea gets her feet up. Rhea goes up top for a frog splash and hits it for a near fall. Rhea looks around and then hits a baseball slide that knocks Raquel off the apron to the floor. Rhea goes for a cannonball off the apron but Raquel catches Rhea and swings Rhea into the announce table. Raquel with a Tajana Bomb onto the apron.

Nia Jax with a Samoan drop to Raquel while the referee deals with Rhea.

Rhea with a knee to the head and RipTide for the three count.

Winner: Still WWE Women’s World Championship, Rhea Ripley via Pinfall

After the match, Nia Jax gets in the ring and Rhea is shocked to see her.

Nia with a head butt and she puts Rhea’s head on the bottom rope and she hits a guillotine leg drop to Rhea. Nia goes to the turnbuckles for The Banzai Drop. Jax stands tall as the show goes off the air.

Monday Night Raw Results – September 4, 2023

“Señor Money in the Bank” and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Damian Priest is watching Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet’s match backstage with Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Ricochet wins by DQ. Nakamura hits Ricochet in the back again before getting him in the ring. Nakamura puts the chair around Ricochet’s head and backs up. World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins runs down to make the save. Rollins tackles him and punches away at him. Security runs in and pulls Rollins and Nakamura apart. Rollins sends two security guards over the top rope and wipes out the rest of them and Nakamura with a somersault senton! Rollins grabs Nakamura, but Nakamura immediately shoves him spine-first into the steel ring steps! Nakamura stomps away at the back, but he runs off before Ricochet hits him with a steel chair. Rollins is in a lot of pain. Priest and Ripley are watching backstage. Ripley taps Priest on the chest and says, “Not tonight.”

The Judgment Day makes their way to the ring. The Judgment Day is comprised of Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Finn Bálor and “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, and NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. We’ll hear from them next.

-Commercial Break-

The Judgment Day are in the ring. Damian Priest shouts for everyone to rise for the crew that is dripping in gold. All rise for the Judgment Day! Dominik Mysterio starts to speak, but the crowd LOUDLY boos him! You can barely hear him over the noise. Mysterio says they did what they said they would do on Saturday by taking all the gold. You can barely hear him! Finn Bálor thanks Mysterio and congratulates him on the one-year anniversary of him joining the Judgment Day. Bálor also thanks Ripley for always being the voice of reason. As for Priest, they’ve had their ups and downs, but now they’re the Undisputed Tag Team Champions of the world. Bálor gives a shoutout to JD McDonagh for having his back for twenty years. Finally, Bálor thanks himself for unleashing his most recent career milestone by becoming Grand Slam Finn. A light “You deserve it” chant picks up.

Ripley says they know Bálor deserves it. Last week, she gave them an ultimatum. The pressure was on. Bálor and Priest really rose to the occasion and showed everyone that they are truly brothers. They truly are a family. Ripley says she loves them. There is one thing that has been aggravating her. The focus isn’t on the Judgment Day and their accomplishments. Instead, people are talking about Jey Uso coming to Raw and what that means to the Bloodline. As far as she is concerned, the Bloodline has fallen and the Judgment Day has risen as the most dominant faction in the WWE!

JD McDonagh makes his way to the ring carrying a black bag, but Priest stops him. Priest says a small part of him is starting to like him, so this better be good. McDonagh says he took a bullet for them on Saturday and wants to explain why he’s out here. It’s the least they can do. McDonagh is out here because of something Ripley said last week. She said big changes are needed for the Judgment Day. McDonagh says Priest’s briefcase has to go. Priest looks confused. McDonagh says they have all the gold. Priest doesn’t need that briefcase. He needs this one… McDonagh reveals a purple briefcase that says, “Señor Money in the Bank.” Priest holds it up.

Sami Zayn’s music hits, and Priest throws his microphone down in frustration. Zayn says, “Gentlemen… and Dom…” Kevin Owens isn’t here tonight, but after it took all five of them to rob them of their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships, did they really think they’d let that slide? They’re bragging about holding all the titles, but when he looks in the ring, he doesn’t see five champions. He sees five championship-stealing turds. A very big beating is reserved for the biggest turd of them all, Dominik Mysterio. Zayn asks if Mysterio has the cojones. McDonagh says Mysterio isn’t fighting anyone. If Zayn wants to fight someone, he can fight McDonagh. Zayn says McDonagh deserves an ass-kicking, and he’ll get that tonight.

The Judgment Day is backstage. Finn Bálor says it might be time to bring JD McDonagh into the ring. Damian Priest says he agrees but wants him to prove himself more. Bálor thinks they might not be champions if not for McDonagh. Bálor asks what Mysterio thinks. Mysterio says he’s cool with whatever they decide. Ripley says they should see how he does against Sami Zayn tonight. Bálor believes they’ll get this done and asks if Priest wants to help. Priest says he’ll do it. Bálor and Priest walk off. Ripley tells Mysterio that she wants him to make sure everything goes right. They’ll talk about “that other thing” later. Mysterio gets up.

Dominik Mysterio is walking backstage with JD McDonagh when the rest of the Judgment Day comes up to congratulate him. Mysterio walks off and stops in front of Jey Uso. Mysterio says they both come from messed up families and Hall of Fame fathers. He knows what Jey Uso is going through. Everyone respects his father, but no one knows what home life is like. Mysterio knows what Jey is going through. Jey comes from a broken family. Jey has no family. No one likes him, just like no one likes Dominik. Ever since Mami and the Judgment Day came into his life, there are no leaders. They’re all equals. If Jey wants, he’ll talk to the Judgment Day. There’s always open arms for them there. They know what it’s like. Mysterio tells Jey to think about it. Judgment Day is there with open arms. Mysterio thanks him for taking the time to hear him. Mysterio tells him to think about it.

Next week on Raw, Rhea Ripley will defend the Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez with “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio barred from ringside. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes will also appear on the show.


WWE Payback Results – September 2, 2023

Steel City Street Fight for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles: Finn Balor and Damian Priest vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (c)

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Steel City Street Fight. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are out. The Judgment Day is out next – Finn Balor and Damian Priest with no one else.

The bell rings and they go at it. The fight goes right to the floor. Priest and Owens fight up the ramp while Sami and Balor are at ringside. Fans want tables already. Sami rolls Finn back in and starts throwing a bunch of steel chairs in.

Finn smacks Sami in the face with a kendo stick. Finn pulls a Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel from under the ring for a big pop but then he stomps it and fans boo. Owens runs over and drops Finn with a big clothesline. Priest drops Owens and now Owens is double teamed. Sami runs and leaps out of the ring to take both opponents down on the floor. Sami and Owens are fired up now. They both grab trash cans and unload on both opponents with them.

The champs bring Balor back in the ring and put a trash can over his head. Owens removes his main shirt and fans pop when they see he’s wearing a t-shirt for WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk. They take turns bashing Balor and the trash can with kendo stick shots in a tribute to Funk. Owens and Zayn keep control as fans cheer them on. Priest helps turn it back around at ringside now. They use trash cans and chairs, then bring Owens into the ring and double team him with both weapons.

Sami is double teamed now. Balor poses to boos, then stomps away on Sami and kicks him to the floor. Owens finally snaps and unloads on Priest to keep him down but Balor knocks him to the floor from behind. Sami attacks Finn from behind and knocks him to the floor. Finn and Priest try to regroup in the crowd now but the fight just keeps going into the stands.

NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio shows up to boos now. Dominik helps Balor and Priest beat the champs now. They stop to prematurely celebrate, then discuss how it’s time to win this. They turn back around and the champs are dressed in hockey attire of the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, complete with hockey sticks. Fans go wild as Owens and Sami unload on the challengers, then they take Dominik out.

Sami brings Balor in and stacks a pile of chairs but Sami fights him off. Priest grabs Sami but Owens makes the save and sends Priest to the steel steps. Sami with a big Blue Thunderbomb to Balor on the chairs but he kicks out. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Priest rocks Owens and tosses the hockey stick. Priest launches Sami onto several chairs but Owens breaks the pin up. Owens is double teamed now but he won’t stop fighting. Priest launches Owens over the announce table into the barrier, then smashes him with a trash can.

Finn and Priest beat Owens into the crowd again. Owens ends up hitting a huge senton off a platform onto Finn and Priest. Dominik gets involved again to loud boos. They fight it out until Owens places Dominik on a table. Owens then goes up high above and leaps off the upper seats, crashing down below to put Dominik through the table. Fans go wild and chant “holy shit!” now at the massive move.

Sami drops Finn with a big kick in the ring now. Sami goes for a Helluva Kick to Finn but Priest runs and smashes Sami in the face with a trash can for a close 2 count. Finn and Priest are on the same page now and ready to win. Sami blocks the double team and knocks Finn through a table at ringside. Sami struggles with Priest but Owens makes the save with a Stunner. Sami ends up covering Priest for the pin but JD McDonagh appears from out of nowhere and pulls Priest to safety to break the pin up. The crowd goes wild.

Owens runs over and unloads on JD, then spikes him into the announce table. WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley charges from out of nowhere and puts Owens through a barrier with a big Spear. Fans chant “holy shit!” as Rhea laughs. Sami and Finn are getting up in the ring now. Finn with a Slingblade, then the corner dropkick.

Finn goes up top but Sami dodges Coup de Grace, then hits a big Exploder into the corner. Sami with a Helluva Kick but Dominik rushes in to break up the pin with a Money In the Bank briefcase shot. Finn then takes advantage and falls onto Sami for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: Finn Balor and Damian Priest

After the match, The Judgment Day stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. The Judgment Day is on the stage now, celebrating with all the gold and yelling about how they run WWE.

WWE Women’s World Title Match: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Rhea Ripley (c)

Back from a break and out comes Raquel Rodriguez to a pop. Out next comes WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley by herself. Samantha Irvin does formal ring introductions now.

The bell hits and they aggressively lock up, going around the ring and then breaking. They have words and trade shoves. They lock up again and Raquel applies a headlock. They aggressively lock up again and break. They have more words and Ripley lets her deliver a big shoulder but Rhea is still on her feet, but barely.

There’s a bit more stalling until Raquel nails a big shoulder. Rhea goes to the floor to regroup. Rhea stunt Raquel on the top rope and comes in fighting but Raquel quickly takes control. Raquel smiles while allowing Rhea to hit her with clotheslines. Raquel now levels Rhea and knocks her off her feet clean for the first time. Rhea fights back and hits a big dropkick to the face to lay Raquel out flat. Rhea mounts Raquel with fists.

Rhea unloads from behind in the corner now, saying Raquel is doing this only for Liv Morgan. Rhea keeps control and poses over Raquel for mostly boos. Rhea rag-dolls Raquel some and takes her time but covers for 2. Rhea kicks Raquel around, hits a snap mare, then a punt kick to the back. Ripley grounds Raquel on the mat with an abdominal stretch. Raquel fights up and out but Rhea quickly grounds her again. Raquel manages to launch Rhea across the ring. Raquel attacks but Rhea kicks a rope into her to put her back down.

Rhea stomps away now. Raquel looks to fight up and out again but Rhea nails a dropkick. Rhea unloads with hammer fists now. Rhea continues with the nonchalant offense but now Raquel unloads. Raquel with a stiff shot to the back of the neck and a fall-away slam. Raquel with a corner splash. Raquel looks to go for the spinning corkscrew splash in the corner but Rhea cuts her off.

Rhea with a kick to the spine to take back control. Rhea unloads to keep her down, then struts on the apron. Rhea is on the second rope now, lifting Raquel up and putting her back down with headbutts. Raquel manages to stun Rhea and hit a long vertical suplex. Raquel mounts offense and hits the spinning corkscrew splash but Rhea hangs in there.

More back and forth now. Rhea avoids the Texana Bomb and nails a stiff shot to the back of the neck for 2. Rhea has words with the referee. Raquel looks to make a comeback after blocking Riptide. Raquel with a lariat for a close 2 count. Raquel is a bit frustrated now. They go back to the corner and Raquel has issues as her knee buckle, and she’s sent back to the mat with a headbutt. Rhea charges with a chop block to take the hurt knee out.

Rhea with a Prism Lock now. Raquel fights back and goes for a big slam but her knee goes out again. They get up in the middle of the ring now. Raquel slaps Rhea, then they unload with strikes. Raquel kicks Ripley to the floor. Raquel follows but Rhea takes her knee out on the apron. Raquel still manages to boot Rhea in the face. Raquel picks Rhea up for a powerbomb but rams her into the ring post, then powerbombs her into the barrier. Raquel breaks the count, then launches Rhea into the ring post head-first.

Raquel brings it back in and looks to finish Rhea off but here comes NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio to big boos. Raquel stares Dominik down but he wants nothing to do with her. Dominik tries to retreat but Raquel powerslams him for a big pop. This allows Rhea to take Raquel’s knee out again. Rhea then kicks Raquel in the back of the head, and hits Riptide in the middle of the ring for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Ripley and Mysterio celebrate now with the gold in the air.

Source: WrestlingHeadlines.com


Monday Night Raw Results – August 28, 2023

We go backstage to The Judgment Day. Finn Balor tells Damian Priest they need to get on the same page for their big shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles at Payback, they need to get it together. Priest agrees and says they need to focus on The Judgment Day, not outside people like JD McDonagh. Balor says JD is the only reason Priest won tonight, but then Priest left JD down in the ring. Priest says he only cares about the family. They argue and Priest is about to take Balor to take a hike, but WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley speaks up, telling them both to shut up. Rhea say the only people in The Judgment Day handling or caring about their business right now is she and WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. She says they always talk about being the most dominant, but they can’t stop arguing every week. She goes on about how this is making them look weak, so people like Raquel Rodriguez are coming for her. Rhea says they must make things right at Payback, and remind everyone how they are a force to be reckoned with and that they win when needed. Rhea says if they all don’t walk out of Payback with gold, then there will be some changes around here. Rhea and Dominik walk off as Priest and Balor face off. Priest raises his Money In the Bank briefcase and says something about having no problem winning gold.

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Ripley whispers something in Mysterio’s ear at ringside, then they enter the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton in the front row. The announcers hype the WWE Women’s World Title match for Payback. Ripley is in the ring now and she has a mic. Ripley dismisses the idea of Raquel Rodriguez cutting her down to size and says that is funny coming from someone who had to fake an injury just to get one over on her. Ripley says she’s not going to complain about that and blame Raquel, and she’s not going to stand here and go over all of her achievements because we’d be here all night, and the title around her waist says everything.

Ripley says Raquel thinks she will take the title at Payback but that’s just another reason why she’s just an idiot. Ripley says Raquel does have a lot going for her – she’s big, tough, strong, but she’s not Rhea Bloody Ripley. Fans pop. Ripley says Raquel can talk all she wants but when it comes to Payback, Mami is walking out as champion. Ripley says Raquel just doesn’t learn her lessons, you know? The music hits and out comes Raquel to a pop.

Raquel marches out and hits the ring as they go at it. Raquel launches Ripley into the corner, then unloads. Raquel sends Ripley into the opposite corner for a big splash, then hits a fall-away slam to send Ripley to the floor for a breather. Raquel turns around to Mysterio standing there as fans boo. She taunts Mysterio but Ripley attacks from behind. Raquel ends up blocking a Riptide in the middle of the ring, then she hits a hip toss and a big clothesline. Raquel yells out as a shocked and stunned Ripley stumbles to the floor with Mysterio to regroup. Ripley is furious now as she yells back at Raquel, who is taunting her from the ring. Mysterio yells a warning and says Raquel has really messed up now to end the segment.

Source: WrestlingHeadlines.com

WWE NXT Heatwave Results – August 22, 2023

We are back from the break and we see NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley backstage warming up. Mustafa Ali interrupts and Rhea wants to know why he is here.

Ali says he is here to wish them luck and he tells them to literally break a leg so NXT can have a North American Champion to care about.

Dom says he doesn’t care about NXT. He only cares about Mami.

Rhea tells Ali he has ten seconds to get out of the locker room or they will show him what they are going to do with Lyra and Lee.

Ali says that they are used to ten seconds.

Match Number Four:  Lyra Valkyria and Dragon Lee versus Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio

The men start things off and they lock up.  Dom backs Lee into the corner and misses a chop.  Lee with a chop.  Lee with a double leg take down and punches.  Dom with punches and he gets a near fall.  Lee with a victory roll fo ra near fall.  Dom with a kick and punches.  Lee with an Irish whip and Lee is sent to the apron.  Lee with a kick and he goes for a rolling move but Dom catches Lee on his shoulders.  Lee escapes and misses a kick.  Dom with a chop and Lee with a drop kick.  Rhea tags in so Lyra comes into the match.  Rhea has some words for Lyra and Lyra pushes Rhea.  Rhea pushes back and Lyra with a side head lock.  Lyra with a wrist lock and arm wringer.  Rhea with an Irish whip and Lyra leaps over Rhea and gives Rhea a hip toss.  Rhea blocks a bulldog attempt and connects with a shoulder tackle.

Lyra with a kick and a spinning heel kick.  Rhea goes for a suplex but Lyra lands on her feet and connects with a head butt and forearm.  Lyra with strikes to Rhea followed by a series of kicks.  Rhea blocks a kick and Lyra with a sunset flip but Dom tags in and Lyra does not realize it.  Lee with a super kick to Dom.  Lyra with a springboard cross body to Dom when Rhea moves.  Lyra with a head scissors.  Lyra with a drop kick through the ropes and Lee with a flip dive onto Dom.

Lee sends Dom into the ring and he begs for mercy.  Lee with a boot to the head.  Lee with a chop in the corner.  Lee misses a chop in the corner when Dom moves.  Dom with a kick and he misses a chop.  Lee with a chop.  Lee with a reverse chin lock.  Dom with a knee but Lee with an Irish whip.  Dom is sent to the apron and he drops Lee on the top rope.  Dom with a slingshot senton for a near fall.  Dom with a reverse chin lock.  Dom with a kick in the corner and he tags in Rhea.  Lyra with a cross body and clotheslines.  Lyra with a head scissors take down.   Lyra with knees to Rhea and she goes to the turnbuckles for punches.  Lyra with a back heel kick but Rhea pulls her down by the hair.

Rhea sends Lyra face first into the mat and Rhea with a body scissors.  Lyra leans back and gets a near fall.  Rhea has Lyra down on the mat and Lyra with head butts to try to escape the body scissors.  Lyra escapes and Rhea with a kick and face buster.  Rhea sets for a power bomb and then turns it into a suplex for a near fall.  Rhea has words for Lee and then she connects with forearms to the back.  Rhea goes for a wrist clutch into a suplex but Lyra counters into a DDT.  Lyra with kicks to Rhea but Rhea keeps Lyra from making the tag.  Lyra avoids a kick and hits a spinning back heel kick.  Dom tags in.  Lee with a back elbow or two.  Lee with a head scissors take down and a dragon screw.  Lee puts Dom on the top rope and goes up top for double stomp to the back.  Lee gets a near fall.

Dom with punches and a drop toe hold that sends Lee into the ropes.  Dom misses a 619 and Lee with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Lyra sends Dom to the floor and Lyra tries for a rana off the apron but Rhea catches her and sends Lyra into the ringside barrier.

Raquel Rodriguez comes out and she pulls Rhea off the apron.

Lee with Destino for the three count.

Winners: Dragon Lee and Lyra Valkyria

Source: PWInsider.com

Monday Night Raw Results – August 21, 2023

We go right to the ring and out comes Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn to a big pop from his fellow Quebecers. Zayn hits the ring to a loud “Sami!” chant now as the music stops and he takes it all in. The “Ole!” chants start up now and go on for a minute or two as Sami looks around, then gets fired up and bounces around the ring as the crowd goes wild and starts another “Sami!” chant.

Sami goes to speak but he busts out in laughter as the “Ole!” chants start back up. Sami is wide open now as he welcomes everyone to Monday Night RAW. Before he can go on, the music interrupts and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor, Damian Priest, WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

The heels hit the apron and stare Sami down. He says before they do what they’re about to do…. he then asks them something in French, and the crowd pop. Sami then asks if they really thought he would come alone. The music hits and out comes another Quebecer to a huge pop – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Kevin Owens.

Owens rushes down the ramp and takes out Mysterio at ringside first. Balor is charging Sami in the ring but Owens trips him, pulls him to the floor and sends him into the barrier. Ripley faces off with Owens at ringside now. Priest tries to chokeslam Sami in the ring but he escapes. Owens ends up coming into the ring and dropping Priest with a Stunner to a big pop. The Judgment Day regroups at ringside as Sami and Owens stand tall together.

Fans continue to go wild for the two locals in the ring. They now chant “Kevin Owens!” as The Judgment Day looks on from ringside. Owens says it’s been far too long since he had a match on RAW… so how about he and Zayn against any two from The Judgment Day. Owens also says something in French and the crowd pops big. The Judgment Day seethes at ringside as Owens’ music hits and he stands tall with Zayn.

Jackie Redmond is backstage with Finn Balor and JD McDonagh. She asks JD if his presence has caused issues within The Judgment Day. JD says he hopes not because he’s known Finn his whole life… they are like brothers and he wants nothing but the best, and hopes this all makes The Judgment Day stronger. Finn accuses Jackie of stirring the pot and says he will have none of it. Finn says they beat Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes last week thanks to JD, so if anything… WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley walks up and tells Finn they need to go discuss who will be in tonight’s tag team main event. JD looks to follow but Ripley tells him this is Judgment Day business. JD looks on as they walk off.

The Judgment Day is backstage trying to decide the team for tonight’s main event. Rhea Ripley asks who the team is and Finn Balor thinks it should be he and Dominik Mysterio. Priest says he and Dominik should team since he’s Senor Money In the Bank and Dominik holds NXT gold. Priest asks Ripley what she thinks, but she has to deal with Candice LeRae tonight so she tells them to figure it out before she gets back or she will make the team.

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Candice LeRae

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley with NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio for this non-title match. Ripley whispers in Mysterio’s ear as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Candice LeRae with Indi Hartwell. We see how Ripley defeated Hartwell last week, and how LeRae and Hartwell attacked Ripley for the double team. The bell rings and Ripley charges at LeRae, working her over in the corner. She charges again but LeRae counters and rolls her up for 2.

LeRae goes up top but Dominik hits the apron for a distraction. Indi pulls Dom off the apron. Ripley catches LeRae in mid-move and hits a backbreaker.

Ripley ends up going for Riptide but LeRae turns it into a DDT. LeRae with a bottom rope moonsault but Ripley kicks right out. LeRae stays on Ripley but Ripley easily turns it around and rag-dolls her into the Prism submission for the quick win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits and Dominik joins her for the celebration. We go to replays. The music hits and out comes Raquel Rodriguez on one crutch. Ripley and Dominik approach her on the stage, laughing at her. Raquel suddenly attacks with the crutch, beating Ripley back down to ringside. Raquel brings it back in but Ripley fights back. Raquel unloads in the corner now. Ripley ducks a punch but Raquel comes right back with a lariat. Raquel with a big fall-away slam to send Ripley to the floor as she regroups with Dominik. Fans cheer as Raquel stands tall and takes the mic. Raquel says it’s obvious she’s been cleared for action… and she talked to Adam Pearce, so they will be facing each other at Payback. Fans pop again. Raquel speaks some in Spanish and says she will take the title from Ripley. Raquel looks on from the ring as Ripley rants at ringside.

Back from the break and the announcers hype John Cena’s upcoming return. Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are backstage now. Ripley asks if Priest and Finn Balor figured out who will be in tonight’s match. Priest says Finn said he doesn’t trust him, and that he was going to talk to JD McDonagh. Ripley says she thinks Priest also doesn’t trust Balor. Priest is a bit surprised. Ripley is upset now… she says she gave them the chance to work it out so now they will do it her way. Ripley storms off.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor and Damian Priest

We go back to the ring for tonight’s non-title main event and out comes Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to a big pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the champs wait in the ring as The Judgment Day comes out – Finn Balor and Damian Priest with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Ripley shoves Balor and Priest around to get them hyped up, then she sends them to the ring as she and Dominik follow.

Owens and Zayn immediately start brawling with Balor and Priest. Owens and Priest go to the floor, while Balor and Zayn go to the other side. Fans chant “Ole!” now. The referee finally restores order and the bell rings as Priest and Zayn go at it.

This went back & forth with both teams mounting offense and using quick tags. At one point Priest went to slide his Money In the Bank briefcase to Balor but Zayn jumped off the apron to take him down. JD McDonagh then shows up and tosses the briefcase into the ring, but Owens catches it. Owens drops Balor with a briefcase shot. The referee calls the match for the disqualification.

Winners by DQ: The Judgment Day

After the bell, Priest ran in and dropped Owens from behind. Priest yelled out at JD, who is still at ringside. Sami runs over and drops JD from behind. Dominik attacks Sami to boos, and now Dominik, Balor and Priest triple team Sami. Owens tries to make the save but they also beat him down. The music hits and out comes Cody Rhodes to a big pop. Cody rushes the ring, swinging his weighs belt. They clear the ring as The Judgment Day regroups at ringside. Cody takes the mic and says RAW is not ending like this… there’s three of you and three of us, what do you say? Cody’s music starts back up as The Judgment Day rants at ringside. Adam Pearce comes out as we go back to commercial.

The Judgment Day vs. Cody Rhodes and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Back from the break and the six-man is underway as Cody Rhodes goes at it with NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens look on from the apron, as do Finn Balor and Damian Priest. WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley cheers Dominik on from ringside.

Cody works Dominik over in the corner early on until Sami takes over. Dominik controls Sami until Balor takes over. At one point Owens tried to fight the heels off at the apron but the numbers game caught up with him. Ripley put Owens down with a big slam on the floor, then crotch chopped him as The Judgment Day celebrated to loud boos. RAW goes to commercial with Priest in control of Owens.

More back and forth after the break. Ripley ended up getting involved a few more times towards the end of the match. The finish saw Cody get a hot tag from Zayn. Cody hits a Disaster Kick to Dominik, then a double Cody Cutter to Dominik and Priest. Dominik kicks out at 2. Cody goes for a Cross Rhodes to Dominik but he stops when Balor runs in. Cody with a Cross Rhodes to Balor instead, then Dominik rolls Cody up from behind for 2. Cody with a Cross Rhodes to Dominik in the middle of the ring.

Cody looks to finish Dominik off in the corner but he sees Sami get back on the apron, waiting for a tag, and fans pop at this. Sami tags in, then tags Owens, then runs to nail a Helluva Kick on Dominik. Owens with a Stunner to Dominik for the pin to win as Sami runs and keeps The Judgment Day from making the save by throwing a Helluva Kick at the ropes.

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

After the match, the babyfaces stand tall in the middle of the ring and celebrate as the music hits. The Judgment Day pulls Dominik to safety as we go to replays. Sami takes the mic and tells The Judgment Day, better luck next time. Sami speaks some in French for another big pop. Sami’s music starts up as the babyfaces celebrate and Michael Cole signs off.

Source: WrestlingHeadlines.com

WWE NXT Results – August 15, 2023

Now we shoot to the locker room where we see WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Rhea Ripley said Lyra Valkyria said you should have been satisfied with my endorsement, but instead, you decided to kick me in the face. Ripley and Dominik Mysterio challenged Dragon Lee and Valkyria next week at Heatwave.


Monday Night Raw Results – August 14, 2023

We go right to the ring and Samantha Irvin does introductions as The Judgment Day comes out – WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest. No Finn Balor. The announcers show us recent happenings with the group since SummerSlam.

Priest and Ripley acknowledge things have been off a bit as of late. Priest says they should have won last week and Finn should have won at SummerSlam. He says they are not breaking up, and Finn will dominate Cody Rhodes tonight, but Finn should be out here saying this himself. Ripley says something for Priest to calm down. Priest says the fans already know something isn’t right, and Finn should be here with them, so where is he? Priest asks Dominik to back him up. The music interrupts and out comes JD McDonagh.

JD doesn’t mean to interrupt or disrespect, but he’s here to bring a message from Finn – don’t worry about JD’s friendship with Finn, just focus on Cody and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn. JD says he took out Sami last week but somehow he’s cleared tonight, so they should focus on Cody. Rhea says they don’t take orders from just anyone, especially if you’re not in The Judgment Day. Dominik speaks but the boos drown him out. He says something about how JD can go to the back while they handle business. Rhea tells JD to take Finn a message – they need to talk. The music hits and out comes Zayn to a big pop.

Zayn rushes down and JD meets him at ringside for a brawl. JD ends up sending Sami’s injured elbow into the ring post but The Judgment Day watched and didn’t help JD with Sami. We go to commercial.

Backstage Segment
Finn Balor and Damian Priest are backstage having a few words. Rhea Ripley tells them to stop this, this is what people want, to see them crumble. She says something about people no longer fearing them and while they have gained success, they lost their killer instinct. JD McDonagh walks up and apologizes to Finn for earlier. Priest shouts at JD and says this is Judgment Day business. Finn says he will catch up with JD later. Balor agrees that it’s time to handle Judgment Day business and Cody Rhodes won’t know what hit him. Ripley says yes he will – The Judgment Day. They all get hyped up on the same page to end the segment.

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Indi Hartwell

We go back to the ring for this non-title match as WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley comes out with NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Ripley whispers in Dominik’s ear as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Drew McIntyre is walking backstage with Matt Riddle. Riddle thinks the GlasBros can win the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods interrupt. They have some friendly words and Kofi says they aren’t partners or friends, so why should they be eligible for a title shot? The New Day thinks the WWE tag team division has gone crazy, but he knows how to solve this – a match next week to see who deserves a title shot. Riddle and McIntyre accept. We go back to the ring and out comes Indi Hartwell with Candice LeRae.

The bell hits and Ripley unloads on Indi. Ripley beats Indi around and mounts her with strikes. Ripley launches Indi across the ring and hits her with big shoulder thrusts. Ripley keeps control until she runs into the ring post when Indi moves.

Dominik looks concerned as Indi mounts offense now. Indi with a big Spinebuster for a 2 count in the middle of the ring. They end up on the floor but Ripley sends Indi face-first into the ring post. Ripley taunts LeRae and drives Indi spine-first into the post. LeRae is hyping Indi up but Ripley drops her.

Ripley brings it back in but Indi quickly rolls her up. This just angers Ripley as she rocks Indi and hits a Riptide for the pin to win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays but LeRae immediately attacks her into the corner. Indi joins her and they double team Ripley to send her packing. Ripley re-groups at ringside with Dominik as Indi and Candice look on.

Cody Rhodes vs. Finn Balor

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes Cody Rhodes to a pop and pyro. Cody poses as bigger pyro goes off, then he marches to the ring while greeting fans at ringside and gifting his weight belt to a young fan. Cody hits the ring and poses in the corners to more pyro. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rhodes looks on as Finn Balor makes his way to the ring by himself. The bell rings and they go at it, tangling against the ropes and off to the middle of the ring for a face-off. They lock up again and Balor applies a headlock. They break and Balor drops Cody for a quick 1 count.

Balor works on Cody’s arm now as fans rally. Cody reverses and ties up Finn”s arm now. Cody with a long vertical suplex, then a headlock. They run the ropes and Cody catches Finn on his shoulders. Finn rakes the eyes but the referee misses it. Finn tries to toss Cody out but he pulls himself back in and keeps the fight going. Balor with another quick pin attempt. More back and forth now until Balor hits a basement dropkick.

Balor unloads in the corner now, then chops Cody into another corner. Balor with shoulder thrusts. Cody fights to turn it around but Balor drops him and nails another dropkick but Cody hangs in there. Fans chant “let’s go Cody!” but Balor grounds him with another headlock. Balor with a knee to the gut and more offense. Cody with a knee to the ribs of his own. Cody with more offense now but Balor blocks a Figure Four attempt by kicking Cody to the floor.

NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio runs down with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley right behind him. Dominik goes to attack Cody at ringside but Cody decks him. Cody goes for a suplex on the floor to Dominik but Balor nails a baseball slide from the ring, knocking Cody back down. Balor sits on the edge of the apron and he’s all smiles as he checks on Dominik. Ripley joins them and the trio poses together as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Balor is stomping away to keep Cody down. Fans boo Ripley and Mysterio at ringside. Cody fights out of a headlock now but Balor knees him. Balor runs into a big boot in the corner. Cody mounts offense with big punches but Balor kicks him before he hits the drop-down right hand. Cody comes right back and hits a powerslam, then catches him with a Disaster Kick for a close 2 count.

Cody rallies now as Damian Priest walks down to boos, carrying his Money In the Bank briefcase. Balor looks to mount offense but Cody kicks him. Balor with a Slingblade. Cody with another kick. They tangle and Balor kicks out again. Balor with the corner dropkick on Cody now.

Finn goes for Coup de Grace but Cody moves. Cody ends up hitting the Cody Cutter for a big pop. Balor stumbles around as Priest grabs Cody from the floor. Finn charges but Cody sends him to the floor with Priest. Cody then runs the ring and leaps out with a big dive, taking Priest and Balor down for a big pop.

Cody rolls Balor back in. Rhea hits the apron now as Cody goes up top, allowing Dominik to crotch him. Finn climbs up for a big superplex but Cody kicks out just in time. The referee checks on Cody now.

Dominik slides a steel chair to Finn but the referee catches him, then ejects him. Rhea jumps back on the apron to argue with the referee. Priest then slides his Money In the Bank briefcase to Balor but it goes right through his legs. Cody intercepts the briefcase and decks Balor with it. Cody then drops Balor with a CrossRhodes for the pin to win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, the music hits as Cody stands tall but Dominik attacks him. Cody takes Dominik to the corner but Dominik fights back, then Priest joins in and they double team Cody. The music hits and out comes Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn to a pop. Sami runs down with a steel chair, and takes Priest down on the ramp. Sami rushes into the ring and Dominik attacks but Sami drops him with a chair shot. Sami with a chair shot to Finn to send him to his knee. Priest runs back in but Sami sends him to his knees also, with a chair shot. JD McDonagh suddenly attacks and drops Sami from behind to make the save. Balor and Priest double team stomp Sami now as JD watches. Dominik joins them and Ripley cheers them on. Priest with a South of Heaven chokeslam. They drag Cody to the corner and Balor goes up top for a Coup de Grace. They toss Sami to the floor, then Dominik drops him while Ripley helps keep him there. Balor runs and leaps off the steel ring steps to hit a big Coup de Grace on Sami while he’s down on the floor. They take the top off the announce table now as fans boo. Balor sends Sami right into a big Razor’s Edge from Priest, which puts Sami through the announce table. The boos get louder now. Sami is down clutching his hurt elbow as a referee checks on him. Balor is in the ring now, hitting another Coup de Grace on Rhodes for big heat from the crowd. Balor hits the move and sits up on Cody, posing and flexing while all smiles. Ripley, Mysterio and Priest enter the ring now. Priest and Balor hug as The Judgment Day stands tall while their music starts up. We go to replays. The Judgment Day huddles up in the ring to boos while Cody is still down, and an official is checking on Sami at ringside. JD looks on from ringside with a smile as The Judgment Day continues their celebration. Priest hits the corner to pose with his briefcase while Balor, Mysterio and Ripley also pose as RAW goes off the air.

Source: Wrestling Headlines