Monday Night Raw Results – October 17, 2022

After The O.C.’s match, AJ hits the ring to celebrate as the music hits and The O.C. stands tall. We go to replays. The music interrupts and out comes The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. They taunt them with “too sweet!” and say it’s the same old crap we’ve all seen before. Priest says the three of you think you actually accomplished something great… a “you suck!” chant interrupts but Priest says they stopped giving a damn about fans a long time ago. He says the only thing The O.C. accomplished was guaranteeing they will be cooked by The Judgment Day. Balor reminds us he started this little club, and says he will end them as well. Balor challenges The O.C. to a match at Crown Jewel. AJ accepts. AJ says he can’t understand why everyone does this – this is RAW, let’s do this in the ring tonight, right now. Fans pop. That is unless you three boys have to ask your mother for permission. Balor asks how dare they but Dominik tells AJ to shut his mouth unless he wants to be like his dad, running to the other brand with his tail between his legs because he can’t hang with The Judgment Day. AJ insults Dominik and calls him a piece of trash for turning his back on his own father. AJ calls him scum and a little punk. AJ challenges Dominik to a match tonight. Ripley says Dominik will rip AJ from limb to limb. She asks Dominik if he agrees and if he’s a man or not. Dominik talks some trash but doesn’t sound sure. AJ calls him to the ring but Dominik isn’t ready and doesn’t even have his gear or tape. Dominik says when he is ready, he will mop the floor with AJ… in about an hour. AJ tells Dominik to go get ready, then he will do what his father should’ve done – beat the piss out of him. Then that will be too sweet. The two sides talk trash to each other as the music hits.

The Judgment Day is backstage talking when WWE NXT’s Cora Jade walks up. They seem a bit annoyed but they leave Rhea Ripley to handle it. Jade explains her “Pick Your Poison” situation with Roxanne Perez, who has her facing Raquel Gonzalez tomorrow night. Ripley mentions how she and Raquel were once like Jade and Perez. Ripley says she’s in, she will face Perez tomorrow night.

AJ Styles vs. Dominik Mysterio

We go back to the ring and out comes The O.C. – AJ Styles with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Out next is The Judgment Day – Dominik Mysterio with Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. Ripley stops at ringside and whispers some words to Dominik before they hit the ring.

The bell rings and AJ goes to work on Dominik. AJ beats Dominik around and takes his time while The Judgment Day taunts him. AJ with a snap suplex. Balor and his crew encourage Dominik to get up.

Dominik looks to turn it around but AJ drops him with a kick to the head. AJ works Dominik into the corner, then mounts him with right hands as fans count along. AJ follows to the floor and sends Dominik into the barrier, then head-first into the barrier as the referee counts. Ripley taunts AJ now. AJ backs her closer to Balor and Priest. Dominik launches himself from the ring, taking AJ down on the floor. Ripley laughs at AJ. Dominik brings it back in the ring, rocking AJ with a right hand and then mounting him with punches.

Dominik stands tall to boos while Balor also taunts the crowd. Dominik chokes AJ on the middle rope. Gallows and Anderson rally for AJ as he fights back but Dominik drops him throat-first over the top rope. Dominik launches himself in from the apron with a senton. AJ kicks out at 2. AJ gets up swinging with several strikes. AJ drops Dominik, sending him to the floor for a breather.

AJ launches himself over the top rope, flying at Dominik with a big right hand on the floor. AJ tosses Dominik into the timekeeper’s area. The O.C. and The Judgment Day face off at ringside as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and AJ is taking Dominik from corner to corner as the two factions look on from ringside. AJ drops Dominik in the corner and goes to the top as fans pop. AJ looks to fly but Dominik meets him up top with right hands as Ripley cheers him on. AJ fights back with rib shots, sending Dominik to the mat. Balor distracts the referee while Ripley pushes AJ off the top to the mat. The O.C. has words with The Judgment Day at ringside. Dominik stomps away on AJ now, then stops to pose to boos. Dominik keeps control and shuts AJ down but can’t put him away.

Dominik with more stomps while Ripley laughs from ringside. Dominik goes for the Three Amigos suplexes now and he hits them for a 2 count. Dominik runs into a boot in the corner. AJ fights back and nails a big clothesline. AJ with more offense, including the sliding forearm. AJ with a pumphandle slam into a Gutbuster. Dominik kicks out at 2. AJ blocks a tornado DDT attempt and climbs up but Dominik headbutts him to the mat. Dominik with the DDT but AJ kicks out.

The Judgment Day yells at the referee. Dominik dropkicks AJ in the back, putting him into position for 619 as fans chant for AJ. Dominik misses 619 as AJ moves. AJ with the Calf Crusher submission now. Dominik gets the bottom rope to break the hold. Balor and Priest pull Dominik to safety. Gallows and Anderson come over and the two factions face off. AJ strikes Dominik first and beats him around. The other four argue while the referee is in between them.

AJ is coming back in with Dominik to finish him off but Ripley distracts AJ by grabbing his leg, allowing Dominik to roll him up for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the match, AJ is shocked over the upset. The Judgment Day taunts AJ and celebrates up the ramp as their music hits. Gallows and Anderson join AJ in the ring as we go to replays. The Judgment Day is all smiles on the stage.

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