Monday Night Raw Results – June 26, 2023

Tonight’s Money In the Bank go-home edition of WWE RAW opens up on the USA Network with a video package on the Dominik Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes feud. We’re now live from the EnMarket Arena in Savannah, Georgia. Dominik and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley are already in the ring as Samantha Irvin does the introductions.

Fans immediately begin booing Dominik as he tries to speak. They knock Cody and Rhea says Cody’s momentum has been slowing down and at Money In the Bank, Dominik will… the music interrupts and out comes Cody to a big home state pop. Kevin Patrick welcomes us to RAW, and he’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. The music stops and a “Cody!” chant starts.

Cody says he knows what Dominik was trying to do, so he will do it for him. Cody welcomes everyone to a big pop. Rhea accuses Cody of bullying Dominik, and warns that Dominik is very dangerous. Dominik keeps whispering shots at Cody for Rhea to relay. Cody quotes “Cat In the Hat” and says he’s quoting a kid’s book because that’s what Dominik is, he’s a scared little boy. Dominik and Rhea hop off the apron now and begin to exit to boos. Cody calls him back, mentioning he will face Damian Priest later tonight.

Cody offers to give Dominik a free shot. Dominik comes back to the apron but changes his mind and joins Rhea on the stage again. Cody says Dominik’s cheap shots have had an impact, but things will be different on Saturday and Cody wants to see if Dominik is half the man his father is, or if he’s just Mami’s little boy. Cody’s music starts back up as fans cheer.

Back from the break and we see Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley enter Adam Pearce’s office. Dominik says he wants a match to show Cody Rhodes what he has coming to him at Money In the Bank. Dominik has the perfect opponent in mind, someone who matches his size and skill, a real worthy opponent. Ripley whispers in Dominik’s ear and he says he will get back to Pearce.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Akira Tozawa

We go back to the ring and out comes Dominik Mysterio with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and out comes Akira Tozawa. The bell rings and they go at it. Dominik dominates early on but Tozawa fights back and hits a big Shining Wizard for a big pop.

Tozawa goes on and hits a missile dropkick. Dominik ends up on the floor to regroup, but Tozawa nails a suicide dive. Tozawa rolls Dominik back in, but Ripley distracts him.

Tozawa goes back to Dominik but the distraction allows him to turn it around. Dominik goes back to the top and hits the Frogsplash for the pin to win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the match, Dominik and Ripley celebrate as the music hits.

Back from the break and Becky Lynch stops at WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley backstage. Rhea warns Becky to not cash on her if she wins Money In the Bank because it will be the last thing she does in WWE. Lynch says when she was champion, she defended in the main event but Ripley has just become a main event side-piece. Lynch says she doesn’t need the title, it needs her, but she wants to win just to make Ripley squirm. Lynch walks off.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Cody Rhodes to a pop and pyro. Cody, who still has the arm brace on, poses in the corner as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Damian Priest by himself. The bell rings and they lock up, going into the ropes and corners. Priest with a headlock and a big right hand but Cody gets right back up.

Priest easily drops Cody and they tangle. Cody with a kick to the gut. Priest decks Cody but runs into a big dropkick. Cody counters and focuses on Priest’s elbow now. Priest counters in the corner with a kick. Priest goes on and hits the Stage Dive in the corner, then poses to boos. Cody counters Priest with a long vertical suplex into a face-first Gourdbuster.

Fans boo as Dominik and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley come walking down to ringside. Priest ends up nailing a big kick and dragging Cody to the ring post but Cody turns it back around and pulls him into the post.

Cody hits a suicide dive on Priest, then rolls Priest back in. Cody confronts Dominik at ringside but Dom hides behind Ripley. Cody goes back into the ring but Priest catches him with a Flatliner for a 2 count as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest rocks Cody, then slams him with a Falcon Arrow for a close 2 count. Priest goes on and nails a big lariat for another pin attempt. Priest goes to the top but Cody leaps up and quickly slams him to the mat.

Fans rally for Cody now. They trade right hands now until Cody unloads with punches. Priest fights back but Cody mounts offense and nails a snap powerslam. Dominik cheers Priest on now. Cody comes back with more right hands, dropping Priest for a 2 count. Priest blocks a Figure Four attempt, then hits the Headlock Driver for a close 2 count.

The Judgment Day is frustrated and fans chant “Dom you suck!” now. Cody goes on and blocks the South of Heaven chokeslam. Priest blocks a CrossRhodes and connects with a big kick. Cody hits a Pedigree in the middle of the ring but Priest rolls to the floor to avoid the pin. Cody goes to the top as Priest rolls back into the ring. Cody leaps over Priest but has to land on his feet. Priest superkicks Cody for a close 2 count.

Priest shows more frustration now. Fans chant for Cody. Priest flies at Cody but Cody superkicks him. Ripley hits the apron to distract the referee, allowing Dominik to hit Cody with a cheap shot from the opposite side of the ring. Priest nails a South of Heaven chokeslam for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. The Judgment Day members can’t believe it. Dominik is on the apron as Priest goes for the Razor’s Edge now.

Cody slides out of the Razor’s Edge and Priest charges but Cody ducks, then sends Priest into Dominik to knock him off the apron. Cody comes right back with a Cody Cutter on Priest. A dazed Priest stumbles back to his feet and Cody immediately drops him with a CrossRhodes for the pin to win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. The announcers hype Rhodes vs. Mysterio at WWE Money In the Bank. Dominik hits Cody from behind with a quick cheap shot, then runs away. Fans chant “Dom you suck!” again. The Judgment Day regroups and looks on from the ramp as Cody seethes in the ring. The Money In the Bank go-home edition of RAW goes off the air.

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