Monday Night Raw Results – July 5th, 2021

Back from the break and Charlotte Flair is standing in the ring with a mic and a crutch. Graves says she is badly injured. We see how Flair and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina Snuka defeated RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke last week, and how Ripley attacked Flair after the bell.

Flair takes the mic now and says it’s shocking to see her like this after what did Ripley last week. She talks about how the NBA Playoffs are hurt due to injuries, and says what bigger news is she may miss her title shot at Money In the Bank. She goes on about Ripley using her own moves and using underhanded tactics to keep her title. She says nobody is better than Charlotte Flair. The music interrupts and out comes Ripley, who is also using a crutch but mocking Flair with it as if she’s also injured.

Ripley struggles to get into the ring with the crutch as Flair looks on. Ripley asks for help and a staffer holds the ropes for her. Flair accuses Ripley of also taking her entrance. Ripley sees right through Flair and says she can play her game better. Ripley says Flair is just being a little drama queen. Flair and Ripley kick each other’s crutches away at the same time. They size each other up and have words. They get ready to fight and pick the crutches back up now. Flair swings and Ripley ducks. Flair ducks now as Ripley swings. They swing and the crutches collide. They keep swinging but fail to hit each other.

Flair knocks Ripley’s crutch to the mat and kicks it out of the way. Ripley ducks a crutch shot and picks hers back up. She swings and hits Flair’s crutch, then jabs Flair in the gut with it. Ripley goes to crack Flair in the back with the crutch but Flair rolls out of the ring. Flair taunts Ripley from the ramp now. Ripley talks trash back from the ring, raising the title belt in the air.

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