Hell In A Cell PPV Results – June 5, 2022

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The Judgment Day (WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley) vs. AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan

We go back to the ring and out first comes Judgment Day – WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. Ripley and Priest appear first, then Edge comes walking out between them. They all three step out from the shadows as the black and purple lighting comes up, and a large set of wings is shown on the screen. They pose on the apron now as Edge looks out around the Allstate Arena. Out next comes Liv Morgan for her team. Liv greets some fans near the entrance-way, then waits as Finn Balor makes his way out. AJ Styles is out next and they head to the ring together as Judgment Day looks on.

The two teams meet in the middle of the ring and have words. A big brawl breaks out and the babyfaces clear the ring, except for Ripley. AJ and Balor launch Liv’s hurricanrana into Ripley for a big pop. Liv with a Hip Attack to Ripley in the corner now. Liv with a knee to the gut. Liv charges but Ripley drops her with a huge headbutt to the forehead. Ripley barks at Balor and AJ now.

Ripley kicks Liv in the ribs, then slams her to the mat. Ripley continues dominating Liv while taunting AJ and Balor. Ripley with a long vertical suplex on Liv now. Ripley finally drops her for a 2 count. Ripley mounts Liv with strikes now. Ripley whips Liv into the turnbuckles and she goes back down. Ripley with shoulder thrusts in the corner as the referee counts. Ripley yells at the referee but Liv decks her. Liv with a missile dropkick to the chin. Ripley sits up in her corner as Edge and Priest stare Liv down. Liv nods at them and has something for them – Styles.

AJ tags in and he wants Edge but Edge has Priest come in. Priest and AJ go at it now. AJ with a big dropkick. AJ ducks a right hand and nails a pele kick to daze Priest. AJ tags in Balor to take over on Priest, controlling him by his arm. Priest over-powers Balor but Balor slides free. Balor runs the ropes, ducks a punch, then kicks Priest’s leg out. Balor ties Priest’s leg up in the corner, using the middle rope to focus on the hurt leg. Priest is blocked again as Balor kicks him. Edge distracts Balor from the apron, allowing Priest to beat him up some. Priest tosses Balor to the floor.

Edge goes right out and levels Balor with a running forearm. Edge sends Balor into the barrier and works him over at ringside. Edge brings Balor back in the ring and unloads in the corner. Priest tags back in and kicks Balor while Edge holds him. Priest with lefts and rights in the corner as the referee backs him away. Edge with a cheap shot while the referee is distracted. Priest with a big Stage Dive into the corner, then a tackle for another 2 count.

Edge tags back in as they keep Balor in their corner. Edge with a forearm to drop Balor, and another to keep him down. Edge poses to mostly boos from the crowd. Edge taunts AJ and Liv, then goes back to work on Balor, launching him into the turnbuckles. Balor goes down and Edge drops to the mat to taunt him. Edge with right hands to Balor in the corner. Balor fights out of the corner but Edge drops him face-first to prevent a tag. Balor kicks out at 2. Priest tags back in and stomps on Balor. Balor with forearms to Priest but Priest clotheslines him for a 2 count. Priest grounds Balor now in the middle of the ring.

Balor breaks free with a jawbreaker. Priest stops the tag and drops Balor with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Priest talks some trash and stalks Balor, then starts kicking away as Ripley cheers him on. Balor with a huge chop to Priest. Priest with a Bell Clap and a big right, but Balor comes right back with an overhead kick and they’re both down. Fans rally now. Edge and AJ tag in at the same time. AJ ducks Edge and rocks Priest. AJ then unloads on Edge an drops him, then nails the sliding forearm. Edge ducks Priest and plants him face-first into the mat. Priest rolls to the floor to regroup. AJ rocks Edge in the corner and hits the Ushigoroshi. AJ goes on and Edge kicks out at 2.

AJ goes for the Styles Clash but he stops as Liv runs in and stops Ripley from entering. Liv and Ripely go to the floor now. Edge dumps AJ to the apron but he nails a knee to Priest’s face from the apron while Priest is on the floor and approaching him. AJ nails a Phenomenal Forearm to Edge and covers for the pin but Priest drags AJ to the floor by his arm to break the pin up. Edge is still laid out in the ring from the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ is slowly getting back to his feet at ringside but he rolls back in to stop the count. Liv and Ripley tag in now. Liv ducks Ripley and goes for the hurricanrana but Ripley catches her, and swings her but Liv uses that to take her down for a 2 count. Liv gets rocked but she jumps on Ripley’s back for a big Crucifix slam for a 2 count.

Liv plays to the crowd for a pop now. Ripley dodges Liv and she gets stuck on the ropes. Ripley with a big Half & Half suplex, launching Liv onto her neck. Ripley goes on and nails a vertical suplex for a 2 count to Liv now. Liv blocks the Riptide and slides out, tagging Balor in. Liv drops Ripley with a big DDT as Balor tackles Priest and unloads while AJ tackles Edge and unloads, while Liv is doing the same to Ripley. The Judgment Day is sent to the floor now. Styles, Liv and Balor all end up flying out and taking their opponents down. Balor takes contorl of Priest an brings him back in. Balor goes up for Coup de Grace but Ripley hits the ropes and sends him to the mat. Ripley laughs at Balor now. Priest tags in Edge. Balor fights off a double team but Priest hits the South of Heaven chokeslam.

AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm to Priest. Edge sends AJ to the floor. Edge looks crazy now as he waits for Balor. Edge charges but Balor counters and rolls him for 2. Balor with a Slingblade and a corner dropkick. Balor goes to the top for Coup de Grace on Edge but Ripley stands in his way in the ring now. She tells him no. Liv comes and jumps on Ripley’s back, and they tumble to the floor. Balor leaps but has to land on his feet. Edge comes right back with a Spear for the pin to win.

Winners: The Judgment Day

After the match, The Judgment Day regroups in the middle of the ring as the music hits. Balor is laid out at their feet, while Liv and AJ are down at ringside trying to recover. We go to replays. The Judgment Day looks down at Balor again, then exits the ring.