WWE SmackDown Results – February 24, 2023


Kayla is in the back and she is with Rey Mysterio. Rey says he will make sure he puts an end to Karrion Kross once…

Santos Escobar shows up and he says there is one thing that Legado del Fantasma and his familia believe in is respect.  He got a mask from Rey Mysterio and he wants to show how much he respects Rey.  Rey says the feeling is mutual.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley show up and Dom asks how long will Santos kiss Rey’s ass.  Santos says he will teach Dom respect. Dom says in prison, those who didn’t back up what they say get dealt with. Dom wishes Rey luck. Santos tells Rey he knows who he is. Rey says that is his son and he walks away.

We go to commercial.

Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo looks at how Rhea Ripley won the Women’s Royal Rumble and then challenged SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania 39. We also see their recent sitdown interviews. Still to come, Flair and Ripley will face-off. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:
Back from the break and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair as the announcers hype her WrestleMania 39 title defense against Rhea Ripley.

Flair says she knows Ripley likes to run her mouth on RAW, so she can’t wait to hear what Ripley says to her face. Flair calls Ripley out but she’s not coming. Flair smells hesitation. She asks if Ripley is scared after remembering the last time they were in the ring together. Dominik Mysterio comes out to boos. Dominik isn’t going to let Flair run down his mami. Flair knocks him and tells him to go get Ripley and tell her to face her like a real woman instead of hiding behind a boy toy.

Dominik is in the ring now. He says Flair sounds jealous and bitter because she knows Ripley is the hottest thing in WWE right now, and no other woman has entered the Royal Rumble at #1 and won it all. Flair smiles and Dominik says she’s beautiful, she should smile more. He goes on about how Ripley is dominant and strong, so strong she almost breaks his back when she hugs him, and when she… Flair interrupts and says she has a real Latino man at home who calls her mami, referring to AEW’s Andrade El Idolo, and his accent is much thicker. Fans pop.

Dominik brings up some of the similarities he has with Flair being generational Superstars. Fans boo. Dominik just knows his father was worse, and that really messed him up. He says when Ripley wins at WrestleMania, Flair will know her dad was right – she’s just not good enough. Flair says unlike Dominik, she loves her dad and he’s 74 tomorrow, so happy early birthday. Fans “Wooo!” again. Flair says her dad can still go and if he was here, he’d kick Dominik’s butt but since he’s not here… Flair steps to Dominik as fans pop. Dominik backs away. The music interrupts and out comes Ripley.

Ripley marches to the ring and faces off with Flair, laughing at her. Dominik pulls Ripley away and they exit the ring. Flair picks up the title belt and raises it in the air. Ripley rushes back in and gets in Flair’s face. They have a few words and taunt each other as Dominik gets Ripley to exit the ring again, while Flair keeps the title in the air.

Credit: WrestlingHeadlines

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