WWE NXT Results – October 18, 2022

Pick Your Poison: Roxanne Perez vs. Rhea Ripley

We go right to the ring and out comes RAW’s The Judgment Day – Rhea Ripley with Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio. They head to the ring to a big pop. Roxanne Perez is out next.

Ripley was chosen by Cora Jade to be the “Pick Your Poison” opponent for Perez ahead of their Weapons Wild match this Saturday. The bell rings and fans chant “Judgment Day!” to start. Ripley and Perez face off. Ripley tosses Perez right to the floor. Fans chant “Rhea’s gonna kill you now!” as Perez comes back in.

Ripley forces Perez back to the mat as fans continue chanting for the RAW Superstar. Perez ties the arm up and kicks Ripley. They tangle some more. Perez lands a few shots and Ripley isn’t happy. Fans rally for Ripley as she takes back control and works over Perez in the corner now, beating her around and keeping control. Ripley shows off after keeping control, taunting Perez.

Perez fights back but Ripley shuts her own again. Perez blocks a powerbomb off Ripley’s shoulders, sending her to the floor with a scissors. Perez goes for a suicide dive but Ripley casually walks away. Perez comes out and rocks her with a forearm. Perez leaps off the apron with a scissors but Ripley catches her, puts her back on her shoulders, then slams her face-first into the edge of the apron. Ripley talks some trash while Perez is down on the floor. Fans chant “Rhea!” as she high-fives Priest at ringside. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Ripley continues to dominate. Perez tries to fight back but Ripley mounts her with big strikes in the middle of the ring. Perez gets another opening and kicks away at Ripley now. Perez ducks a big boot, then rocks Ripley with uppercuts. Ripley blocks a whip and catches her for a tilt-a-whirl slam but Perez goes for a submission. Ripley slams her.

Perez gets another opening and charges into the corner, but misses the second attempt. Ripley charges but Perez moves and Ripley hits the ring post, then the floor. Perez with a big running dive to take Ripley down on the floor for a big pop. Perez is fired up as she brings it back into the ring. Perez goes to the top but Ripley cuts her off with chops.

Ripley climbs up and works Perez over to set the superplex up. Perez resists and turns it around up top. Perez brings Ripley to the mat with a big Frankensteiner but Ripley kicks out at 2. Perez is frustrated now. They get up swinging as a “NXT!” chant breaks out. Perez rocks Ripley back but misses the running uppercut. Ripley slams her face-first into the mat but she kicks out at 2.

Perez blocks the Riptide, but Ripley blocks Pop Rocks. Dominik provides interference from the apron, allowing Ripley to hit a big headbutt and then the Riptide for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley stands tall as The Judgment Day’s music starts up. We see Jade watching from backstage and she’s all smiles. We go to replays.

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