Raw Results & Media – August 2nd, 2021

Nia Jax vs. Rhea Ripley

We go back to the ring and Nia Jax is waiting with Shayna Baszler. Out next comes Rhea Ripley for this first-time-ever match-up.

The bell rings and Jax talks some trash to start. They lock up and Jax takes it to the corner, man-handling Rhea some to boos. Ripley with two boots to fight out. Rhea with a big strike to the face. This angers Jax and she headbutts Ripley. Jax launches Ripley into the ring post. Jax goes to the apron and poses to boos. She runs and smashes Rhea’s head into the post with her hip.

Jax brings it back in but Ripley fights back. Ripley goes for the Riptide but Jax elbows her away. Ripley gets sent into the corner shoulder-first once again. Jax goes to the apron and tries to sandwich Ripley into the post again, but she hits hard as Ripley moves. Ripley goes to deliver a cannonball to Jax from the apron to the floor but Jax moves and she takes out Baszler instead. Jax comes back and sends Ripley into the barrier with a Samoan Drop. We go to commercial with Jax in control at ringside.

Back from the break and Jax has Ripley on her shoulders in the middle of the ring, stretching and bending her. Ripley slides out and works Jax over, staggering her. Jax is still standing until Ripley uses the ropes to land a big head scissors takedown. Ripley goes on but Jax dumps her to the apron. Ripley with a big kick from the apron to stun Jax.

Ripley goes to the top and nails a missile dropkick for a close 2 count. Jax turns it back around and goes for a powerbomb but Ripley fights up high, then turns that into a takedown. Jax is bleeding from a cut near her eye. Jax levels Ripley and delivers the running leg drop in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count.

One side of Jax’s face is covered in blood. She appears to wave the referee off. Jax scoops Ripley for a Samoan Drop but Ripley slides out. Ripley goes for he Riptide but Baszler gets on the apron to yell at her. Jax charges but Ripley side-steps to avoid her. Ripley comes right back and rolls Jax up for the pin to win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley retreats to the floor as her music hits. Jax gets right back up as we go to replays. Baszler is in the ring now. Jax yells at her, not happy about the distraction. Baszler goes to leave but the argument continues. Jax is bleeding a little heavy from one side of her face. Baszler storms out of the ring as Jax looks on. Jax immediately turns around to a big superkick from Ripley. Ripley then slams Jax with a Riptide for a big pop. Ripley stands tall over Jax as fans cheer her on and her music starts up. We get a replay. Ripley celebrates at ringside now.

Backstage Segment
Kevin Patrick is backstage with Rhea Ripley now. She says the match with Nia Jax was brutal, but not as brutal as a No Holds Barred match, where everything is 100% legal. She laughs and says she will be watching, and she hopes Nikki A.S.H. beats the hell out of Charlotte Flair, but nothing that happens tonight will change the fact that she will win the title at SummerSlam.

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