Raw Results – May 23rd, 2022

We see what happened between Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley two weeks ago on Raw.

We return to the ring where Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley have been standing.

Priest tells everyone to rise to show respect to The Judgement Day.  Priest says Edge made an offer for anyone to follow their mission statement and join the group.  One aspect of that mission statement is modesty.  Damian says that him and Rhea are different from everyone else.  Edge saw it.  Edge showed them the way and set them free.  They had been sheep like all of you, stuck in the mud trying to figure out the alleged right thing.  It is like everyone in the back waiting for instructions.  It is who you are and what you do.  The truth hurts.

The one attribute you are missing is courage.  Courage to be who you are.  Accept who you are and be proud of who you are.  None of you have that courage.  We can help you.  First, you have to help yourselves.

Rhea tells Liv she knows that Liv uses her heart more than her head.  Stop listening to the peasants on Twitter and the simpletons in attendance. I might forgive you for failing me in the past if you think for yourself.  Save yourself, like I saved myself.  Join the Judgment Day.

Edge says they are truth.  A truth that is right in front of most of your faces, but you are too afraid to see it.  The truth will set you free.  The Judgment Day is power.  It is physical power and mental power.  It is an opportunity for everyone to join them, recreate yourself and rewrite your career.  Do it under my learning tree and you can be the best.

Imagine Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, or Michael Jordan giving you this opportunity.  I was not given this chance like a John Cena.  I am at the top because i am a miracle of hard work.  You are afraid of hard work and success.  You are content to watch your boss make 10 times what you earn by doing little of what you do.  You are sheeple.  We are not afraid to grab at it.  We offer a mentality.  It can be offered to all of you.  If you accept it, you will wake up.  For anyone here, it is a chance to head butt glass ceilings to bits.  The same glass ceiling I shattered decades ago.

Who will be next?  Who will be savvy enough to know to join us?  Will it be Tommaso Ciampa?  Will it be Corey Graves?  Alexa Bliss?  Drew Mcintyre?  Liv Morgan?  Finn Balor?  What about you AJ Styles?  Surely standing side by side and shoulder to shoulder with us is better than standing eye to eye.  Join us and maybe your kids can start calling me Uncle Edge.  The choice is yours and choose wisely.

Match Number Two:  Rhea “The Eradicator” Ripley and Damian “The Punishment” Priest (with Edge) versus AJ Styles and Liv Morgan 

The men start off and Priest with a knee and forearm to the back.  Priest with a wrist lock.  Priest with a knee drop to the arm.  Priest with a side head lock.  Priest with a shoulder tackle for a near fall.  Priest with an arm bar.  Styles with a reversal and a waist lock.  AJ with a side head lock.  AJ with a back elbow and forearms and kicks followed by a back fist.  Priest with kicks to AJ and AJ with a drop kick.  Rhea tags in and that means Liv enters the match and AJ sends Liv to Rhea for a head scissors take down.  Liv with a drop kick and a running back elbow into the corner.  Liv goes for a crucifix into a sunset flip but Rhea blocks it and then connects with a head butt.

Rhea tosses Liv into the corner.  Rhea runs into a boot and Liv with a cross body off the turnbuckles but Rhea catches Liv and goes for a delayed vertical suplex but Liv tries to counter into an inside cradle.  Liv escapes and hits a lungblower.  Priest pulls Rhea to the floor and Liv with a suicide dive and AJ with a kick.  AJ and Liv too sweet before Liv goes back to the floor to send Rhea into the ring.  Rhea with a round kick to Liv followed by forearms.  Rhea with a suplex for a near fall.  Rhea with a punch to the midsection but Liv with a kick.  Rhea punches Liv on the turnbuckles but Liv with a head scissors take down and she gets a near fall.  Liv kicks Rhea in the leg.

AJ tags in and Priest with punches.  They exchange punches and Priest with a punch in the corner followed by an Irish whip but AJ moves when Priest goes for an elbow in the corner.  AJ with a forearm and Priest goes to the floor.  The referee gets between AJ and Rhea and Priest hits AJ from behind and sends him to the floor.  Priest hot shots AJ on the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Priest stops AJ from making the tag and AJ misses an enzuigiri.  Priest catches AJ and punches AJ.  Priest goes over the top rope when AJ drops down.  Priest grabs AJ from the apron but AJ with a Pele kick and Liv tags in.  Liv with punches to Rhea.  Liv with a kick and enzuigiri.  Liv with a running knee into the corner and she misses a secodn charge.  Liv with a springboard drop kick and a springboard facebuster but Edge puts Rhea’s feet on the ropes.  AJ punches Edge and Priest grabs AJ but AJ punches Priest.  AJ and Priest get in the ring and AJ with a Cactus Jack clothesline.  Edge holds Rhea when Liv goes for ObLIViion and Rhea gets the three count.

Winners:  Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest

After the match, AJ goes after Edge but Priest with punches and then Rhea grabs AJ’s ankle.  Edge punches AJ.  Edge with a spear to AJ andthen Rhea hits RipTide on Liv.

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