Monday Night Raw Results – September 4, 2023

“Señor Money in the Bank” and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Damian Priest is watching Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet’s match backstage with Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Ricochet wins by DQ. Nakamura hits Ricochet in the back again before getting him in the ring. Nakamura puts the chair around Ricochet’s head and backs up. World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins runs down to make the save. Rollins tackles him and punches away at him. Security runs in and pulls Rollins and Nakamura apart. Rollins sends two security guards over the top rope and wipes out the rest of them and Nakamura with a somersault senton! Rollins grabs Nakamura, but Nakamura immediately shoves him spine-first into the steel ring steps! Nakamura stomps away at the back, but he runs off before Ricochet hits him with a steel chair. Rollins is in a lot of pain. Priest and Ripley are watching backstage. Ripley taps Priest on the chest and says, “Not tonight.”

The Judgment Day makes their way to the ring. The Judgment Day is comprised of Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Finn Bálor and “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, and NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. We’ll hear from them next.

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The Judgment Day are in the ring. Damian Priest shouts for everyone to rise for the crew that is dripping in gold. All rise for the Judgment Day! Dominik Mysterio starts to speak, but the crowd LOUDLY boos him! You can barely hear him over the noise. Mysterio says they did what they said they would do on Saturday by taking all the gold. You can barely hear him! Finn Bálor thanks Mysterio and congratulates him on the one-year anniversary of him joining the Judgment Day. Bálor also thanks Ripley for always being the voice of reason. As for Priest, they’ve had their ups and downs, but now they’re the Undisputed Tag Team Champions of the world. Bálor gives a shoutout to JD McDonagh for having his back for twenty years. Finally, Bálor thanks himself for unleashing his most recent career milestone by becoming Grand Slam Finn. A light “You deserve it” chant picks up.

Ripley says they know Bálor deserves it. Last week, she gave them an ultimatum. The pressure was on. Bálor and Priest really rose to the occasion and showed everyone that they are truly brothers. They truly are a family. Ripley says she loves them. There is one thing that has been aggravating her. The focus isn’t on the Judgment Day and their accomplishments. Instead, people are talking about Jey Uso coming to Raw and what that means to the Bloodline. As far as she is concerned, the Bloodline has fallen and the Judgment Day has risen as the most dominant faction in the WWE!

JD McDonagh makes his way to the ring carrying a black bag, but Priest stops him. Priest says a small part of him is starting to like him, so this better be good. McDonagh says he took a bullet for them on Saturday and wants to explain why he’s out here. It’s the least they can do. McDonagh is out here because of something Ripley said last week. She said big changes are needed for the Judgment Day. McDonagh says Priest’s briefcase has to go. Priest looks confused. McDonagh says they have all the gold. Priest doesn’t need that briefcase. He needs this one… McDonagh reveals a purple briefcase that says, “Señor Money in the Bank.” Priest holds it up.

Sami Zayn’s music hits, and Priest throws his microphone down in frustration. Zayn says, “Gentlemen… and Dom…” Kevin Owens isn’t here tonight, but after it took all five of them to rob them of their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships, did they really think they’d let that slide? They’re bragging about holding all the titles, but when he looks in the ring, he doesn’t see five champions. He sees five championship-stealing turds. A very big beating is reserved for the biggest turd of them all, Dominik Mysterio. Zayn asks if Mysterio has the cojones. McDonagh says Mysterio isn’t fighting anyone. If Zayn wants to fight someone, he can fight McDonagh. Zayn says McDonagh deserves an ass-kicking, and he’ll get that tonight.

The Judgment Day is backstage. Finn Bálor says it might be time to bring JD McDonagh into the ring. Damian Priest says he agrees but wants him to prove himself more. Bálor thinks they might not be champions if not for McDonagh. Bálor asks what Mysterio thinks. Mysterio says he’s cool with whatever they decide. Ripley says they should see how he does against Sami Zayn tonight. Bálor believes they’ll get this done and asks if Priest wants to help. Priest says he’ll do it. Bálor and Priest walk off. Ripley tells Mysterio that she wants him to make sure everything goes right. They’ll talk about “that other thing” later. Mysterio gets up.

Dominik Mysterio is walking backstage with JD McDonagh when the rest of the Judgment Day comes up to congratulate him. Mysterio walks off and stops in front of Jey Uso. Mysterio says they both come from messed up families and Hall of Fame fathers. He knows what Jey Uso is going through. Everyone respects his father, but no one knows what home life is like. Mysterio knows what Jey is going through. Jey comes from a broken family. Jey has no family. No one likes him, just like no one likes Dominik. Ever since Mami and the Judgment Day came into his life, there are no leaders. They’re all equals. If Jey wants, he’ll talk to the Judgment Day. There’s always open arms for them there. They know what it’s like. Mysterio tells Jey to think about it. Judgment Day is there with open arms. Mysterio thanks him for taking the time to hear him. Mysterio tells him to think about it.

Next week on Raw, Rhea Ripley will defend the Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez with “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio barred from ringside. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes will also appear on the show.