Monday Night Raw Results – June 21, 2021

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are in the ring now. They want to discuss an incident at Hell In a Cell last night. They call out RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley first. Ripley takes the mic and says she heard Deville was going to summons her. Pearce agrees with Deville and says what Ripley did last night was completely unacceptable. They talk about how champions retain via disqualification but those rules were not meant to be abused, and Rhea intentionally got herself disqualified.

Ripley goes on about how she’s seen Flair abuse the same rules, and she only did what Flair would have done in her position. Pearce says but Flair is not the champion right now. The music interrupts and out comes Flair with a mic. Flair says Pearce meant she’s not the champion… yet.

Flair isn’t mad at Ripley, she’s actually proud of her because she was kicking Rhea’s ass last night and for the first time Rhea proved she’s smart, or clever, at least. Flair says Rhea proved for the first time that she is a strategic competitor, like Flair is, but Flair is still going to destroy her. Deville says if that’s Flair’s way of asking for a rematch, she will grant it. Pearce agrees. Deville announces Flair vs. Ripley for the title at Money In the Bank. Flair stares at Ripley from the stage. Ripley smiles back at her from the ring as her music starts back up.

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