Monday Night Raw Results – February 27, 2023

Still to come, a look at Rhea Ripley vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Dominik Mysterio vs. Rey Mysterio.

Back from the break and The Judgment Day is backstage – Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest and Finn Balor. We see highlights from Dominik’s appearance on SmackDown with his dad Rey Mysterio. Dominik insults his father and says he showed the world what a loser his father is in the ring, and at being a father. Dominik says he will be with Rhea on SmackDown this week when she faces Liv Morgan, so maybe he and his father can have a talk then. Dominik says Rey won’t do anything about it because he’s in Ex-Con Dom’s world now. Rhea says she didn’t have to say a word to SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair on Friday. We see footage from their segment. Rhea says just being in the same building had Flair shook. Ripley looked Flair in the eyes and saw something worse than fear, it was acceptance because no amount of coincidence or nauseating words she had to say on Friday can change the fact Flair can’t escape fate, and that’s Ripley winning the title at WrestleMania 39. Finn says WWE Hall of Famer Edge thought their war was over at Elimination Chamber. We see what happened last week. Balor says Edge doesn’t get when to decide when this is over, it’s over when Finn says it is. Balor says Edge is playing checkers while The Prince is playing chess, and he still has one more move to make. Balor issues a challenge to end this at WrestleMania.

Byron is backstage with Johnny Gargano now. He recalls Otis coming up to him and saying he needs some hot action, so they have a match now. The Judgment Day interrupts and Damian Priest talks down to Gargano. They have words. Gargano almost steps to Priest but Finn Balor steps to Gargano. Balor says Otis is going to flatten Gargano like a pancake tonight but if he doesn’t cover Gargano in maple syrup and gobble him up, then Balor will finish the job next week. Gargano says he will see Balor next week as The Judgment Day walks off.


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