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Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley has opened up the four stars she looked up to as a youngster, naming a quartet of very, very different talents. She sat down with Gary Cassidy from InsideTheRopes.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy for our very special 20 Questions feature in Issue 12 of Inside The Ropes Magazine, Rhea Ripley was asked about her dream match, and opened up about Beth Phoenix and how she looked up to The Glamazon as a youngster.

“Beth Phoenix. She’s so bad-ass and so different. Growing up watching wrestling, I knew that my body type didn’t fit the same mold as everyone else’s and she was sort of in the same boat as me, so it was great having someone like her to look up to as well.”

Ripley then went on to say she admired many wrestlers in her native Australia, but named Triple H, CM Punk and The Miz as her three heroes as a kid.

“Apart from the guys in Australia, I always looked up to Triple H, CM Punk and The Miz. I thougt Triple H was a badass and he was so good at what he did, whereas The Miz and CM Punk, they’re just SO good on the mic. I really loved listening to them talk – I was always captivated, and I always listened to their whole promo until the very end. I really looked up to them, I wanted to be able to do that one day.”

Thanks to Rhea Ripley for taking the time to speak with Inside The Ropes. You can pick up Issue 12 of Inside The Ropes featuring 20 Questions with Rhea Ripley here!

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